Monday, October 1, 2012

The Trip Down to Florida

We chose to fly rather than drive to Florida.  We calculated everything out and the cost just wasn't different enough for us to put ourselves through the torture of that drive with our three.  This would be Zeke and Ben's first flights and Ellie's third.  The boys were so excited.  To help them, we let them choose toys and books for their backpacks.  I also had tons of snacks and goodies that I kept.  We had lollipops for take off for both the boys and I fed Ellie.  Ben didn't like the noise and covered his ears for the majority of the flight.  Ellie and Zeke both did great.  Once we landed, we found the Magical Express.  This took us to our resort- Port Orleans, French Quarter. 

Ben was ready for our trip

3 checked bags, 2 strollers, 2 kid backpacks, 1 adult backpack, and 1 diaper bag
HOLY MOLY this was a lot of stuff

The dad ready for our adventure 

The mom ready psyched about our trip

Zeke was so excited about his first plane ride

Waiting to board, we got there with a ton of time to spare so we did lots of hanging out

Baby girl waiting to get on the plane (she's a pro by now after her trip to TN)

Ben didn't like the sound so much and rode the majority of the first flight like this

On the Magical Express

Our first towel creation

Ellie hanging out once we got to our room

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Cyndi - YaYa said...

Sweet!!! I'm with Ben.. I would hold my ears too! So much excitement on their little faces!! YaYa loves it!!