Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ben's Superhero Party

Well, shoot!  The pictures are in total reverse order.  And I've tried 3 times to get this post up, so that is how they will stay.  You can either start from the bottom or just travel backwards through time with me.
Ben had a Superhero birthday party.  We made capes for all the kiddos, had a comic strip banner, superhero photo shoot (preparty), a superhero training course, and superhero snacks to help with our superhero powers.  It was a really fun theme and all the kids seemed to have a blast!
Shelton cousins

Little & Shelton cousins (minus Jace and the babies)

Ben immediately wanted to play a song for us when he got this

Now he has a big bike like Zeke!
(here's hoping this will help Z want to ride)


Heels hat

OK, this pic cracked me up.  We told Ben to give Linds a hug for her gift.  Zeke liked the gift too, so he jumped up and ran over for a hug too! 

Family pic

It's not a party til someone loses some clothing

stud superhero

blowing out his 3 candles!

Max loved the trampoline again

Nana and her girl (yes Ellie is the cutest superhero ever)

Levi trained hard

This is the "injun" fighting ring (ninja fighting ring)

Zeke racing around

About to bust out of their house

Super snacks!

Balloon wreath by YaYa!

Food table

Kid pic


Busting into the city

Fighting ninjas!

He's 3!


Cyndi - YaYa said...

Such a fun party!! I loved doing time travel to see the pictures!!
Great looking group of kids there !!

Jen T. said...

Such a cute, cute party. I hope I can get Cole interested enough in something, maybe superheroes..., to have a theme party in March! If only there were a "I wanna be like my brother, James" theme, it'd be perfect.