Friday, June 28, 2013

Bulls Game

The boys went to see a Bulls game.  Spence said that they spent the entire game asking questions.  The boys now know everything there is to know about baseball.  I'm pretty sure they had the roster memorized by the time they got back.  

Friday, June 7, 2013

Ben's migraines

Ben has been struggling recently with dizzy spells.  We talked with his pediatrician about them and they decided he needed to be seen by a neurologist.  They wanted to rule out lesions on his brain and seizures, so we scheduled an MRI and a test for the seizures.  Spence and I were nervous, but we are pretty sure all he remembers from the day was that he got to hang out with mom and dad all day on his own.  For the seizure test, they had to put sensors all over his head and then he was supposed to fall asleep (yeah right), then they flashed lights around the room, and then had him blow on a pinwheel.  We went and got lunch and for being so brave, he got a frosty.  Then we headed in for the MRI.  I had to stay in the waiting room, but Spence got to go back with him.  They had us bring a movie and he put on goggles that showed the movie.  This was to help him stay still, but it ended up that my crazy kid fell asleep and took a nap.  With in a week, we got a call that all his tests were normal.  He was diagnosed with toddler migraines, which basically means he has dizzy spells.  He only has to take meds when he has one.  But he really doesn't like the medicine.  It is a nasal spray and he says it tastes bad.  Please join us in praying that they will decrease and that he will not need more medicine to help with them.  The doctors told us that typically around age 5 they go away or turn into more normal migraines.  The comfort I have had during this has been that he wasn't in pain, so I am a bit worried about them changing over.