Friday, September 20, 2013

Going to the lodge...

Before school started we went to The Great Wolf Lodge in Concord.  We stayed for two nights.  We will definitely be going back.  We stayed in a room that had a little private bunk bed area for the boys.  Ellie stayed on a pull out couch bed.  The first night everyone was exhausted and fell right to sleep.  The next night however, Ellie learned to get off the bed.  Spence and I spent a great deal of the night walking her in a stroller around the waterpark.  Despite all that, we had such a great time.  The most shocking thing of all was Zeke.  He was so brave and loved everything he tried.  He went down water slides, loved the wave pool, crossing the lilipads, and just splashing and swimming around.  Ben enjoyed sticking close to mom and dad but still enjoyed the wave pool.  Ellie had a blast in the baby area, but really wanted to be in the wave pool.  We loved how safe each area was.  There were multiple guards who never stopped moving.  They provided vests for the kids to wear while swimming.  The boys can not wait to go back.  Oh, and Ellie who kept us up all night, literally fell asleep while I was carrying her in the park.  Yes, on me and my big ol belly.  

Friday, September 6, 2013

First Days of School

The boys are attending a new school this year, TLC for Preschoolers at Tabernacle Baptist Church.  Zeke is going 5 days a week and Ben goes 3 days.  I am loving that there will be low numbers, the kids eat lunch there and they have specials classes (music, science, yoga, Spanish).  And bonus we have lots of friends there. 

Zeke's first day was September 3.

Ben's first day was September 4.

He insisted on me taking a picture of his backpack :)