Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Fave Zeke pictures form the beach

Zeke had an absolute blast this year at the beach. He did really well sleeping (PTL!) He adjusted quickly to having tons of attention from Nana, Bampa, and "Cott" (Uncle Scott). He LOVED the ocean, digging in the sand, playing in the pool we set up on the deck, playing golf, going to the aquarium, watching a TON of soccer and golf, and just getting to hang out with daddy everyday all day.

Cheese face

Chasing Bampa

Checking out the ocean for the first time

Swimming gear

Hanging out

Zeke gave this guy a high five and knuckles through the glass

going to jump waves


Putt Putt

They really wanted to play and not take pictures...

Seriously, stop with the pictures! I just wanna play golf!

Golf is serious

Rocking with Cott

Name in the sand- 2010


Bundled up on the deck, taking a break

Zeke is still talking about the trip. He talks about the "dolphins" (sharks) from the aquarium. He talks about Nana, Bampa, and Cott. He talks about jumping the waves. We are headed back down to the beach with my family at the end of July and I am so excited for him!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Fave Ben pictures from the beach

Benjamin went to the beach for the first time! To say he loved it would be a serious understatement. He kicked his legs like a wild man when we walked near the ocean, he ate gallons of sand, he "swam" all over his kiddie pool.

Daddy didn't throw him too far, he is just a baby

"walking" with Nana

New favorite pasttime: eating sand

Going in for a handful

Hanging out with mama


LOVING his pool


Done with the aquarium

He really became interested in books this week (YAY!)

Checking out the water with daddy

Name in sand- 2010


Kisses from mommy
I can only imagine what he will be like on our next trip. He is such a wild man. Crossing fingers that he will sleep better on it, though. Spence and I learned that we do NOT like sharing a bed with a baby (well except when he would be sweet and snuggly and actually asleep)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Before the Beach

Ready, set, go....
Here are the before the beach pictures.

Zeke got ready for the world cup (thanks Amber!)

Isaac and

Micah came swimming

Awkward Bff picture

Benjamin learned to pull up (and has gotten much better since then)
We went to Charlotte and had a miniFletcher Village reunion. It was so great to visit good friends. It was a blast getting to watch all of our kids play together. And of course getting to meet all the kids that have been added since our last times together. We hadn't seen the Phillips' since Ava Grace was born, so we got to meet Jack and they met both our boys. The Stinsons hadn't met Ben. And the Browns hadn't met Ben and we hadn't met Atalie. So, there were lots of introductions.

Ben made a new friend (Addison)

Ava Grace, Kate, Addison, and Paisley picnicked

Josh and Brooke are pretty much still the same as they always were

Zeke's future wife (Jaime I need those pictures of the bethrothed)

Stealing kisses

The daddies

MANY attempts to get a good picture

Is this pay back for Addison?

April at her happiest

The newest bitty Brown

Ben and Jack became fast friends

The whole crowd

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Banana splits and bucket lists

Spence had a fabulous date night idea a couple weeks ago that I had to share! He made banana splits (any date night is great when there is dessert) and then we made a bucket list for our life together. It was fun to think and dream. We realized the majority of things centered around taking trips, which means we need to travel more! What would be on your bucket list with your sweetie?

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Gaga Day!!!

OR if you don't speak "Zeke" Happy Dada Day! I was hoping to get a picture of Spence with his gift or a cute on with the boys, but well things don't always go as planned. So instead I am just going to show some cute pics from the beach of the boys with their beloved gaga. And he is very loved. He is an amazing dad. Spence wakes up every morning and lets me sleep in until almost 8 everyday. He is able to change right over from work Spence to dad Spence as soon as he walks in the door. He checks on us through the day. He takes Zeke out for man time activities such as Lowe's runs, fries and frosties from Wendys, and running errands for me. Ben lights up when he sees his daddy. Their favorite time is at night when we are gearing down for bed. Ben and daddy get riled up with tickling and giggling together. I love how he loves our boys. I love that his heart's desire is to see them grow into men of God. We couldn't ask for a better daddy in our house!