Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Gray's Visit

Our dear friends the Grays are in town. They are church planters and we haven't seen them in 3 years. In that time, they have added twins and we have added both our boys. (And their daughter Lydia has grown tons, she was just a newborn the last time we saw her). They are only in the country for a couple months and only in our area for this past week. We got to go on a playdate with them and the Webers. Pam has much better pictures and when she posts them on her blog, I will steal them and repost here :) Here is the fun that we had at Holding Park in Wake Forest by the seminary. (OH and on that note, here is a list of the things that have changed in the 2 years since I lived in Wake Forest: Capital is widened when you get off 540, the old golf course is about to be a car dealership, Neuse Baptist Church on Capital is now Celebration Family church, they have a Mellow Mushroom, there is a new Sonic on 1A, The Well is gone (Jaime, tear for you, I was so wanting a frozen hot chocolate), and Armadillo Grill is gone. Seriously felt a little sad when driving around and I didn't drive that much, I didn't even go by Fletcher and visit our little townhouse)
OK, now to pictures:

Ben and James hung out on the blanket

This is them interacting for about 2 seconds

Zeke followed Katelyn around with those bubbles

Katelyn and Lydia blew the bubbles
Zachary and Zeke popped them

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Zeke lately

Here are a few fun pictures from this past week and a typical video of what happens around our house 24/7.

Red Robin, YUM!

Z loves eating off chopsticks, but it takes so much longer when I have to feed him
we found a turtle in our backyard

our neighbors taught Z about water balloons (pretty sure we helped destroy some evidence from a water balloon fight they were a part of, gotta love having teenage neighbors)

Holt wanted to get outside and Zeke wanted to get inside at church

Isa taught Zeke how to eat a popsicle

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ben loves his Pawpaw

Zeke didn't get to have all the fun while Pawpaw was here. Ben got to hang out with my dad for a little while. I gotta say it's pretty cool seeing my dad loving on baby Ben. He has had some practice getting used to kids now since my neice Maddie was born 4 years ago, so now he is a pro.

Pawpaw is imparting wisdom

Sweet moment

"Spit happens" well said Benjamin.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Some fun pictures of Ben

Today is a catch up day for Ben. Here is what he has been up to recently:

He sat in a real high chair to celebrate Aunt Tori's bday

He has been enjoying his Easter gift

He has been getting some daddy love

and he's just been chilling on the couch

He has also been saying mama, but I don't have video yet. (he has had a cold and not doing as much talking the past couple days) He has also been trying to crawl, and I do have video of that:

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Farm Comes to Town

My parents came to town over the weekend. Spence needed to get his garden planted so we needed some plants pulled up and the ground tilled. My parents brought up their tiller to help us out. They also spent some quality time with Zeke. All we have heard since then has been "Pawpaw truck" and "tilla". Zeke is enjoying watering the plants with Spence everyday. Hopefully in a couple weeks we will have corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, basil, oregano, and thyme.
Thanks Yaya and Pawpaw!!!!

Zeke showing off for his PawPaw

I guess I'll go eat worms...

Zeke helping with the "tilla"


Pulling up the lavender :(
But I won't miss the BIG bees that hang out over there

Daddy at work

Zeke supervising

Giving Spence instructions

Planting time






Sunday, April 18, 2010

Down on Paw Paw's Farm

For those that don't know a lot about me premarriage/babies/etc, you probably don't know that I was born and raised on a beef cattle farm. My dad actually has lived on the same land his entire life. The farm has changed quite a bit since I was little. It used to be tons of acres with lots of cows, goats, chickens, pigs, a donkey, turkeys, guineas, and even a couple peacocks. Now, stupid townhouses have moved next door, the cows, goats, turkeys, and guineas are gone. BUT there are still a few farm things and some new additions as well. We went to Whitsett a couple weeks ago and Zeke got his first farm tour.

My older brother has added bees to the farm, yummy honey

Zeke on Pawpaw's tractor. I can't wait to show him a real tractor!

My neices got chicks for Easter

Soon we will be getting our eggs from here and not the store

Aren't they cute!

This little piggy went to market

this little piggy stayed home
this one had roast beef, and this one had none
And this one went wee, wee, wee, all the way home!

Zeke totally would have petted these suckers if we had let him

My edits

OK, so I love black and white pictures. Of course I had to play with a few from the other day. Here are just a few of the ones I changed.

This one is called graduated black and white. I thought it looked really cool

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Zeke is obsessed

Please notice that once again we have outtake pictures with balls...

"Pink ball"



I actually like this one, I think it looks all american

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ben Favorites

Some favorites of Benjamin (for other faves check this post):

Doesn't he look like he is about to read you a story?

Wanting to crawl

"Hey, baby"

Check out that grin