Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Zeke draws

Zeke has gotten pretty good at drawing, especially with trying to copy what I draw. We are working on learning to write his name as well.

a truck

a man

this is him tracing to write Ben's name

Monday, August 29, 2011

What will you be?

We were given a bag of dress up clothes this week. The boys were so excited to find pirate, construction, baker, and fireman outfits and hats. I am going to put up over-the-door hooks on the end of Zeke's bed to hang the clothes on. Here is Ben trying out the fireman helmet a couple days ago.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Happy Birthday to my Favorite Guy!

Spencer, I am so very thankful you were born. I didn't want to do a whole mushy thing on here because well that is so not our style. Just know that I love you and I hope your day is awesome!
And because I can't do a post with out pictures, here are some fun recent ones of you and the boys.

Ben imitating you taking a picture

Zeke teaching you how to eat cake batter

I love watching you read with our boys

Ben takes his batter eating more seriously than you do

Thursday, August 25, 2011

My new love

Spence and I went to pick up our new-to-us van on Saturday. To say I was excited is quite the understatement. We went through a friend of our sister-in-law's family. He goes to autctions and can buy cars at cost basically. We were able to get a 2010 Chrysler Town and Country because of the great deal he got us. We were so excited! When Spence called to tell me Tuesday, I asked if we could go get it right then. He convinced me that we had to wait until Saturday. We dropped the boys off at my parents and headed to Germanton to get our car! Once we got back Zeke was so excited to check it out. I think he has been the most excited of all of us.
Perks to having a van:

  • buttons that open and close both doors and the back hatch

  • both boys can climb in and out of the van with out assistance (this is gonna be so great once I have a big belly in the way)

  • rear ac, poor Ben gets so hot sitting backwards and was always sweaty in the Escape. This hasn't been a problem at all

  • There are so many cupholders! Just in the front there are 6! I'm not sure why this is so exciting, but it is

  • it drives so smoothly

  • The inside is so roomy, I can walk between the seats and get in to buckle the kids if it were raining

  • the back has so much room to store stuff. My weekly grocery run didn't even fill it all the way across

So, if you don't have one, run start test driving rightnow

Zeke climbing in for the first time

"Do you like my new van?"

"WoW, that door opens too?!"

She still needs a name, so I am taking suggestions...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Trip to Nana & Bampa's (way overdue post)

Spence and I went out of town at the end of July for a wedding. We left the boys with his parents for a few days. The boys had a blast getting spoiled rotten and we enjoyed a few days with out the early pitter patter :) Thanks, Nana and Bampa!

Zeke's version of Chinese Water Torture

Preparing for boy scouts

Could he be in little boy heaven?

Suggestion: take your naps in the flipping bed!

Our lil professor

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Ben's stages his version of a sit-in

Ben L.O.V.E.S. his daddy. He has taken this love to a new level. We went through this stage a bit with Zeke, but never to this extent. Here is part of our new morning routine:

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Big Happenings

Spencer, Zeke, Ben, and I are excited to announce that we are pregnant again! We are due February 26, but Dr. B has said he will induce me at 38 weeks so I don't end up having a home birth (due to Ben's crazy early, quick arrival). I am currently 12 weeks. We went to the doctor again this morning and I heard that sweet heartbeat. We have been a bit more nervous this go round and I have actually gone to the doctor for a few extra ultrasounds. I have felt pretty rotten as well. So, if you have seen me in the past few weeks and I have looked pretty gross this explains that. I have turned a corner I believe on my nausea this week so I am hoping that means our regular lives can resume :)
You can pray for continued health of this baby, for peace for Spence and I through out this pregnancy, for Zeke and Ben's transition to both being big brothers (yes please be praying already especially for Benjamin).

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How boys play

Boys just play differently. I am reminded of this anytime we hang out with friends who have girls. Actually I am reminded of this all.day.long when they are trying to tackle me or wrestle me or just use me as a jungle gym.

This may look like a normal horsey game, but it is really Spence about to do push ups with Ben on his back

Zeke joined in on the fun... he decided daddy's head was the best spot to sit

Boys trying to get the best seat in the house

Ben's version of pushups... I personally like them better

Poor Spencer after their playtime

Friday, August 12, 2011

The neverending bday posts

This is everyone singing to Zeke. We definitely need to do some work on his candle blowing out skills...

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Zeke's Book Party

For Zeke's birthday this year, we decided to do a book theme. He LOVES books so much. I thought about seeing if the library would let us have it there and quickly rethought that one. We let Zeke invite 3 friends because he is 3 years old (thanks for the idea Morgan!) Zeke invited Holt, Evan, and Brayden. We of course had our family come as well. Spence's side was able to all make it, but my side was struck down with a bug and none were able to make it (trust me, they have made up for that exponentially). We really enjoyed watching Zeke interact with his friends and also present opening was a bit different this time. It was the first time both of our boys have really understood what was going on. We will just say that Ben made things interesting...

Zeke's homemade book cake

(this was round two, my first attempt got to be eaten the night before with Uncle Matt and Aunt Tori)

The kids painted book bags to take to the library with them

My boys were done in about 25 seconds, but these three had to be drug from the table

Not a great pic, but this is Evan. Evan likes to help open presents. He was so sweet about it and Zeke actually was really nice in telling him no he didn't need any help :)

We love creative gift wrap and cards

Here is the gift thief, trying out Zeke's new chair

All the boys enjoyed trying out the new toys and books

The Shelton Four

Monday, August 8, 2011

Three Year Old Zeke

Ezekiel, I can not believe that you are three years old. We have been talking about you turning 3 for a few weeks. Today you announced that you are a big boy. There were a few things you told us you couldn't do because you were too big. We celebrated with a party Saturday (more pictures to come) and then we have celebrated all.day.long today.

Here are some fun things about your right now;

  • You are growing like crazy. You mostly wear 3T clothes.

  • You aren't napping so much anymore, probably 3 days a week. I am very sad about this

  • You say the funniest things. Your 3 year old logic is hilarious.

  • You can be so sweet to Ben, but at times you just pin him down and make him scream. I guess this is just part of being a big brother.

  • You engage in conversations with us now. You rationalize and really try to process what we are talking about.

  • You try to teach Ben everything you know. You are constantly asking him if he can say something or knows something.

  • You love learning about the Bible.

  • You still love books and read all day long. I love how you have started to "read" to me

  • Anything Cars is a fave. Your presents were almost all in that theme.

  • You have become pretty defiant recently, which has not been so fun for mom and dad. We know it is just a part of you figuring things out, but we also know we can't let that sin stay rooted in your heart

  • You aren't quite as self-centered. You seem to be more aware of people you interact with. This isn't to say that you are 100%, but you are definitely getting there.

And just for some laughs:

Sunday, August 7, 2011

What Ben has in common with 22's

OK, so nothing really except that he is 22 months old! Benjamin has really seemed to turn a corner to being a big boy this month. It has been very interesting watching his personality, physical and verbal skills EXPLODE this month. I am going off my normal pattern for this month to tell about Ben just because I needed to shake things up.

  • Ben has become so inquisitive. He constantly asks questions and wants to know what's going on. He asks me what song is on, the color of things, what Zeke is doing, etc. All day.

  • He is also hilarious! His laugh is infectious. He is a wild man and so much fun everyday.

  • Benjamin is adventurous. He definitely comes up with the ideas for all the trouble he and Zeke get into. He was the one who first jumped off the otoman, he asks to run outside and play in the rain, he climbs up onto the counters.

  • He loves being outside. This has been so tough with the heat. We have been outside at 7:30 to try to get in our fresh air and vitamin D.

  • He is a rascal! He is so michevious. He gets the cutest little look on his face when he is doing something.

  • On the flip side of this, he is so defiant sometimes! He can throw a tantrum like I have never seen and boy have I seen some.

  • He is such a deep feeler and expresser of his emotions. When he is mad it is tantrum city, but when he is happy he is so pleasant and cheerful. He has definite highs and lows and lets it be known what is going on.

  • Ben is way independent. He says everything "I do it myself" He now climbs up into our big chairs with out assistance. He tries to climb into the car and up into his carseat. It is so great in some ways, but in others he drives me NUTS!

  • He loves going potty. We sit at least once a day. He hasn't had any success yet, but I am just happy that he is interested at all.

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Spence loved The Muppets while growing up. He even had a dog named Muppet. And really who can blame him? What's not to love about those crazy puppets? We actually bought an Animal ornament this year to symbolize Benjamin for 2010 since he is such a wild card.
Recently we recorded Muppets Take Manhattan. This is the boys reactions:

In awe


A little confused...

We aren't sure they fell for it immediately but we will continue to expose our kiddos to the wonders of good television.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Daddy's helpers

Spence decided it was time to wash our dirty cars one afternoon. Zeke and Ben were great helpers.

Zeke kept saying he was gonna wash daddy's horse

Ben observed the action

and then jumped right in

boys hard at work