Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ben starts a band

He got a band member on this one :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Thirty, Flirty...oh wait...

Spence turned 30!  It's funny but I think guys have a harder time with aging then the ladies do.  We had been teasing about him getting old for months.  I wanted to make the day exactly whatever he wished.  We planned for him to go fishing in the morning, golfing in the afternoon, and dinner out that evening.  That all came crashing down around us, when over the weekend Spence began feeling some pain.  So, we spent the morning at the doctor and the afternoon getting an MRI. 
All of that did not stop us from celebrating him all day long.  The boys and I had 30 presents for 30 years.  They were so excited to give him gift after gift to open.   We were also able to still go out to dinner at Bull City Burger (super fun place, a little pricy for a burger and hot dog, but great atmosphere).  Our hope is that he will look back on turning 30 and remember all the fun but not the bad :)

Birthday monkey muffins for breakfast

Ellie thought we were singing to her

And she wasn't quite sure what to make of the candle blowing

We really don't think 30 sucks, but isn't this fun?!

The gifts ranged from needed (shoes), to fun (big league chew), to practical (fantasy football magazine) to silly (toy pickup truck).  The boys and I basically just got him tons of things that made us think of him

Ben and Zeke LOVE balloons, so we put up 30 balloons to greet him when he got back from his MRI

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

To the moon

For Zeke's birthday, he was given money to go to DefyGravity.  I had heard of it, but thought it was for older kids.  Our friend Leslie had taken Max and they loved it.  They gave us a trip there for Zeke's birthday.  Imagine a room that is totally trampolines.  It is so cool.  It's a bit pricey for what it is, $12 per person for 1 hour.  But there is a pretty good deal for kids 6 and under it is $8 and you can "check in" on facebook and get another dollar off.  Parents of kids 6 and under jump for free with them.  So our family can go for $14.  Also, I recommend calling and getting a flight reservation.  They fill up really fast and are sold out regularly.  The 9-10 hour is for 6 and unders only so that is the time I recommend going.  We have already been back with friends, and can't wait to go again!

It's in a pretty non-descript office building looking area

Seriously, every boy's dream

Ellie got into it too

I'm not sure if this pit is incredibly cool or incredibly gross...

Spence definitely had the most fun

I'm sure some teenagers would love playing basketball in here (One Tree Hill, jump ball anyone?)

This is the second time we went.  These are the McClellan and Shelton boys

They really liked these that went up onto the wall

Ellie jumped some with mama this time

Our friend Alicia loved it

Abby's boys think she is nuts ;)

Monday, August 20, 2012

The actual celebration of 8/8

Celebration door

The boys weren't quite sure what to do with the streamers when they woke up and saw them

We went to Kidzu in Chapel Hill for the morning.
Zeke wanted to show me how much he had grown

Ben was all about being a construction man

Then the boys were all about the cooking

This is hallowed ground people.  Spence's first two years at UNC, he lived in Granville Towers.  There were many times when I was coming up for a date that I would go to his dorm room and find out he was out here.  I started driving by and checking here first.  The boys loved playing on the courts and taking a quick picture. Ellie, well, she just laid there...

Zeke's choice birthday lunch location?  Chick-fil-A of course! 
Ellie celebrated by sitting in a high chair for the first time!

We also had pizza and cupcakes for dinner with our neighbors.  Of course I didn't get any pictures of that fun, but lets just say 10 kids 10 and under makes for a crazy time.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Zeke's present opening

Zeke continued to be his incredibly sweet self while opening gifts again this year.  After he opened each gift, he found the person and thanked them for his gift.  He had such fun after the party playing with everything.  Ben actually did a great job, not yanking any gifts.  He even told Zeke that at his birthday party he can help open the presents. 

He loved getting Cars stuff again this year

Lindsay got him a tangram book, my inner teacher and his not so inner nerd are loving it!

These next few are a bit out of order, but blogger has made shifting pictures so difficult, I just am not doing it :)

First big boy bike ride!

Our sweet, nervous boy is so cautious

My big 4 year old on his bike!

And of course little brother had to give it a try

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Half a year

Elizabeth Mae is 6 months old!  We have made it half a year having a girl in the house!  Spence hasn't killed any boys yet.  Zeke and Ben have managed to not hurt her in a major way.  Ellie is such a joy to us.  She seriously smiles all day long.  She rarely cries or fusses.  She has gotten much more verbal the last month.  She squeals and laughs, especially at her brothers.  She is rolling both ways but really doesn't love doing it so much.  She really doesn't like when I try to put her on her knees and totally planks, making me and Spencer laugh.  She is wearing size 3 diapers and mostly 6 months clothes.  She fits into some 3-6 stuff still and is fitting into some 9 month things already.  She is still working on getting teeth in.  She constantly has something in her mouth, generally her fingers or mine.  She sometimes will take a paci, but only to gnaw on it.  She is taking 3 naps and gong down at 7 for the night.  I go in to feed her around 10 and then she is usually making it until 5ish (sometimes earlier, sometimes later).  I typically go in feed her and then put her in the swing for her to sleep until 7 or so.  She loves, loves, loves to bounce.  She bounces around on our laps, she bounces in her jumper, she tried to bounce when in the walker.  She loves spitting.  She blows raspberries all day long.  She can sit up on her own for a few seconds.  We don't go to the dr until the end of the month, so I will do a post then about her stats.  Here are some fun pictures from the month.

First time in a walker

In the big bathtub (check out the pudge)

Do see that cute little hiney?!

Grabs those toes all day long

just a super sweet girl

always smiling

so gorgeous!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Olympic Games- Shelton Style

Obstacle Course: Step One- Tunnel

10 Jumps 

Maybe 10 more...

Jump through the hoops
(Max spent the remainder of the party on the trampoline, it took some serious convincing to jump through these hoops, and complete the course)

shoot a basketball then, run to the finish line

Javelin throws

Noodle and hoola hoop javelin

A little brotherly competition 

We had a race to the front of the hosue and back.  What you don't get to see is my neice Sophie (first on the left) made a break for it and headed down the street and around the corner.  Not sure where she was headed, but I guess she wasn't liking how the games were going

One of the hardest games was lifting this chunky baby girl! ;)
Shelly met her for the first time and pretty much didn't let go

Marble race 

Brayden on the move

Our medal ceremony

Zeke was up and down super quick and wouldn't really pose for a picture :(

But Ben could win a gold for being a ham at all times