Monday, August 27, 2012

Thirty, Flirty...oh wait...

Spence turned 30!  It's funny but I think guys have a harder time with aging then the ladies do.  We had been teasing about him getting old for months.  I wanted to make the day exactly whatever he wished.  We planned for him to go fishing in the morning, golfing in the afternoon, and dinner out that evening.  That all came crashing down around us, when over the weekend Spence began feeling some pain.  So, we spent the morning at the doctor and the afternoon getting an MRI. 
All of that did not stop us from celebrating him all day long.  The boys and I had 30 presents for 30 years.  They were so excited to give him gift after gift to open.   We were also able to still go out to dinner at Bull City Burger (super fun place, a little pricy for a burger and hot dog, but great atmosphere).  Our hope is that he will look back on turning 30 and remember all the fun but not the bad :)

Birthday monkey muffins for breakfast

Ellie thought we were singing to her

And she wasn't quite sure what to make of the candle blowing

We really don't think 30 sucks, but isn't this fun?!

The gifts ranged from needed (shoes), to fun (big league chew), to practical (fantasy football magazine) to silly (toy pickup truck).  The boys and I basically just got him tons of things that made us think of him

Ben and Zeke LOVE balloons, so we put up 30 balloons to greet him when he got back from his MRI

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Cyndi - YaYa said...

30? wow... where has the time gone? Happy, happy birthday Spencer... love you!