Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Half a year

Elizabeth Mae is 6 months old!  We have made it half a year having a girl in the house!  Spence hasn't killed any boys yet.  Zeke and Ben have managed to not hurt her in a major way.  Ellie is such a joy to us.  She seriously smiles all day long.  She rarely cries or fusses.  She has gotten much more verbal the last month.  She squeals and laughs, especially at her brothers.  She is rolling both ways but really doesn't love doing it so much.  She really doesn't like when I try to put her on her knees and totally planks, making me and Spencer laugh.  She is wearing size 3 diapers and mostly 6 months clothes.  She fits into some 3-6 stuff still and is fitting into some 9 month things already.  She is still working on getting teeth in.  She constantly has something in her mouth, generally her fingers or mine.  She sometimes will take a paci, but only to gnaw on it.  She is taking 3 naps and gong down at 7 for the night.  I go in to feed her around 10 and then she is usually making it until 5ish (sometimes earlier, sometimes later).  I typically go in feed her and then put her in the swing for her to sleep until 7 or so.  She loves, loves, loves to bounce.  She bounces around on our laps, she bounces in her jumper, she tried to bounce when in the walker.  She loves spitting.  She blows raspberries all day long.  She can sit up on her own for a few seconds.  We don't go to the dr until the end of the month, so I will do a post then about her stats.  Here are some fun pictures from the month.

First time in a walker

In the big bathtub (check out the pudge)

Do see that cute little hiney?!

Grabs those toes all day long

just a super sweet girl

always smiling

so gorgeous!