Thursday, June 28, 2012

Check out our tent!

 My cousin Kristin gave us this bed tent and light.  The boys loved it for about 3 days

And then Zeke started sleeping like this.  We soon took the tent back down ;)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Kidsweek 2012- Zapped

Our church's VBS is called Kidsweek.  The theme this year was Zapped.  The preschoolers studied Moses and the elementary studied Peter.  I volunteered in the nursery with Ben and Ellie.  Ben was heartbroken each morning when Zeke got to go in "Kidsweek Church" and he had to go down to "Sunday church" (this was how the boys differentiated the different areas we used)

Zeke had to be convinced each morning to go in.  Ben cheered him on by saying "don't cry Zeke"

On the final day we had a family worship/bounce house party, this is how Ellie throws down

Nothing better in the 10,000 degree heat than a snocone

Zeke was one of the few who didn't mind climbing up the slide since he had on socks. 
Yes, everything was blazing hot!

Zeke was so brave and loved going down again and again

**Ben is absent from these pictures because he did not like the slide at all.  Thanks, Mr. Brian for taking Ben down the slide.  Spence and Ben found things to do on the ground instead ;)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's a TRAIN table!

We were beyond lucky to have neighbors selling their train table recently.  Once we moved the boys into bunkbeds, we brought the train table upstairs.  They love it.  They actually play in their room often and ask to go up and play trains.  They tell every person who comes to visit that they have it and make most go up to see it. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Summertime fave

It is hot here.  I'm talking stay-inside-or-in-a-pool-or-you-will-melt kind of hot.  We cure our heatstrokes by having chilly willies on the front porch most days.  (BTW am I the only one who calls them that?) But on special days, we head to Pelican's.  The place that makes all other snocones feel shame...

 So good, Zeke's eyes are kinda rolling back in his head

 I always choose mixed drink flavors and pretend I am on a beach in Mexico, kid free, with an umbrella in it... ok, sorry I'm back, my bad

It's not good unless you are wearing it

Friday, June 15, 2012

Life with Ellie at 4 months

We have entered 4 months!  I feel like this past month we really hit a good stride (not that I really felt like we were struggling before, but I just am continuing to feel more confident with 3).  We got out a lot this last month and Ellie even had her first trip to the beach.  We go to the doctor Monday, so I will update weight and length then.  I'm going to try to hit all her new things through pictures this month instead of my list, this may get pretty random :)

 1st time in nursery at church (I really need a pic of her with Mrs. Debbie who has kept all 3 of my babies)

 Ben continues to love her ferousiously.  She has become very interested in what her brothers are doing this month and watches their crazy antics.

 Zeke is pretty protective of her already.  If she cries or it seems like Ben is doing something with her he shouldn't, he is quick to let me know.  He isn't as helpful about bringing diapers and stuff but he fiercely loves his baby sister and proudly tells everyone

 Baby girl decided a few nights that she likes sleep.  She has gone as many as 10 (say what?!) hours of sleep.  The past week though, she has been in a growth spurt and we have returned to every 3 hours :-/

 She is very rarely seen with out a bow on her head.  Her daddy doesn't love this so much, but mama likey
 Ellie still enjoys being half swaddled for most naps and nights.  She also likes to sleep on her side a lot.  She can actually roll onto her side now.  She is working hard on rolling over and I don't think it will be long

 Ellie has become such a talker.  She will yell while we are having dinner if we aren't talking to her.  At a party recently she chatted it up with our friends Brad and Jena-Marie.  She really liked Brad (I'm thinking she likes men... uh-oh!)

 She got her first sibling injury :(

 This was her first pool trip.  She did really well and I didn't lose my cool being alone with 3 kids at a pool

 Someone found her hands this month and LOVES them.  She sucks on them especially when she is sleepy, but girl will not take a paci!  We think she is starting the teething process because I can see her top teeth working their way down.  I'm hoping it will still be a while before they actually emerge

 I love this dress that we recieved as a gift (from Mrs. Debbie!) so much that I have already purchased it in the next size up.  At the rate she is growing it won't be long before she will be ready for it

 Ellie (FINALLY) got to meet her cousin Sierra this month.  We are still waiting to meet Shelly...

4 month laundry basket picture

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sand and Sun part 6- Outtakes

 Spence looks like he is gathering little chicks

 Apparently, I was ready...

 Spence and I decided to just keep smiling, no matter what

 Falling apart

 Parents always ready


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sand and Sun part 5- Brother style

 Wild boys frozen in awe of the aquarium

 These two can take on anything together 

Mom, why are we taking pictures, let's just play golf! 

These boys together can be EXPLOSIVE, but we think they are a BLAST!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sand and Sun part 4- Ellie's Turn

 This little girl had her first beach trip

 The beginning of the week was chilly, so Ellie's first sight of the ocen was a little bundled up

 Shelton girls (SOOOOO weird to write that!!!!)

Daddy's girl
 Ellie tooks naps all over the place: bouncy chair, our bed, my legs, swing, her bed, snuggled up with Nana, Uncle Scott's bed.  It was almost like a game to figure out where we had tucked her for naptime.

 YAY for girly moments!  El had her first pedicure and got matching toes with mommy

 This is how Ellie chilled on the beach (for about 4.2 minutes)

 I don't know why she wouldn't stay in here, I crawled in and found it nice and comfy

 My Ellie-girl

 Beach naps are the best!

 Spoiled rotten!

And finally, I just had to post her bikini!!!  Can you even stand it?!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Sand and Sun part 3- Ben's way

 Ben kept up with his typical "always in motion, never stopping or slowing down, no fear, wild man" self

 Reason #402938466382 that we can't get a good family picture
(but boy don't Spence and I look good!?)

 Constant motion

 He is such an adventurer and also a leader.  He made up games for everyone and organized us into whatever he wanted done.  He loved exploring and looking at everything around the beach

 Ben's sense of humor joined us on the way to the beach.  He had a blast all the way down.  For the first part he put stickers all over a construction hat that he was still wearing (just picture it: him reaching up to stick the stickers all over his hat, I laughed for so long)

 He.scares.me!  Such a fish!  He would LAUNCH himself off the side of the pool and whether you were ready or not, you better catch him.  He put his face in the water and learned how to go all the way under, too.  He made everyone take a turn toting him around the pool

 "B-E-N, spells Ben!"

 Ben got a hole in one.  Yes you did just read that correctly.  It was the most ridiculous moment.  He whacked the heck out of the ball, it went flying, hit a post, rolled down the netting between the post, and into the hole.  We all started screaming and laughing.  It did not help the remainder of his game and he went back to averaging about 14 per hole.

Ben was in a great mood the majority of the trip.  He napped well and slept at night as well (rare at home).  He continues to talk about our trip and the beach house.  I can't wait to take him back!