Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Sand and Sun part 2- Zeke style

 What a difference a year makes!  Zeke went straight for the water this year.  He jumped waves, ran from the waves, dug on the beach, played baseball, fished, tried to surf on a kickboard, and anything else he could think of.  He napped almost everyday and went right to sleep each night

 He loved exploring any part of the beach or beach house he could. He has gotten more adventurous recently.  This is something we are thankful for because we pray against him having a timid spirit.  At the same time, this is making mama nervous having 2 daredevils in the house :)

 A fish!  He loved "swimming" with us and made almost everyone in the house take a turn around the pool with him.  The pool has a bench running around part of it so it was great for him to have somwhere he could touch with out having to stay right on the stairs.  He blew lots of bubbles but also enjoyed going all the way under!

 You try and get a 3 and a half year old to take decent pictures... I dare you!

 Z is for Zeke

 "I'm taking a break"

 Riding the train to play putt putt (pretty sure this is the favorite part)


 He had to take the opportunity to ride the turtle at the aqaurium

He was so in awe of the huge sharks.  His favorite part of the aquarium was the otters though.  I'll have to post the video to show him running back and forth chasing them.

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