Friday, June 8, 2012

Sand and Sun part 3- Ben's way

 Ben kept up with his typical "always in motion, never stopping or slowing down, no fear, wild man" self

 Reason #402938466382 that we can't get a good family picture
(but boy don't Spence and I look good!?)

 Constant motion

 He is such an adventurer and also a leader.  He made up games for everyone and organized us into whatever he wanted done.  He loved exploring and looking at everything around the beach

 Ben's sense of humor joined us on the way to the beach.  He had a blast all the way down.  For the first part he put stickers all over a construction hat that he was still wearing (just picture it: him reaching up to stick the stickers all over his hat, I laughed for so long)

 He.scares.me!  Such a fish!  He would LAUNCH himself off the side of the pool and whether you were ready or not, you better catch him.  He put his face in the water and learned how to go all the way under, too.  He made everyone take a turn toting him around the pool

 "B-E-N, spells Ben!"

 Ben got a hole in one.  Yes you did just read that correctly.  It was the most ridiculous moment.  He whacked the heck out of the ball, it went flying, hit a post, rolled down the netting between the post, and into the hole.  We all started screaming and laughing.  It did not help the remainder of his game and he went back to averaging about 14 per hole.

Ben was in a great mood the majority of the trip.  He napped well and slept at night as well (rare at home).  He continues to talk about our trip and the beach house.  I can't wait to take him back!

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Cyndi - YaYa said...

I love this boy!! He makes me laugh...