Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brusha, brusha, brusha...

So, we have been told by some friends that once babies get teeth, you are supposed to start brushing them. Who knew? We finally purchased a toothbrush for Zeke and had our first brushing experience. He mostly tried to chew the toothbrush, but I think this is mainly to get him used to having them brushed.

We let him have a try at brushing

Hey buddy, you don't have teeth back there yet...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Big boy bath

Zeke got to take a bath with out his bath seat over the weekend. He loved it! It was so fun to see how great he can sit up even in the slippery tub. He didn't even mind when I laid him down to wash his hair. He actually started kicking and trying to squirm all over the place. He looks like such a big boy! We took some video, but they were not internet acceptable once we reviewed them, so here are the cute pictures!
His favorite bath toy
Sitting up so big!

Time for some hair washing

Monday, April 27, 2009

Enjoying the weather

We got to hang out with some great friends and enjoy the great weather over the weekend. I was able to get a few good shots of Zeke with some friends. And some shots of some cornhole action. We had such a great time just hanging out, having great food, and enjoying the beautiful weather!

Ellie wanted to try holding Zeke, too bad he is almost as big as she is...

I love pictures of kids sitting with their backs to the camera...

Caroline is going to be a great babysitter

Z and Isaac were watching cornhole together. Isaac actually moved while eating to sit with Zeke! What a great friend he is!

Look how big my guy is in that chair!

Isaac loved playing with this truck and the cornhole was the perfect ramp

Such a cute cheese!

One of Caroline's many talents...

Girls playing cornhole

Cornhold requires lots of concentration

Look at that cute face!

James found a new way to play cornhole

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Formula update

Just wanted to give a quick update. We are up to having two full feedings of formula a day. It has been going really well. Thank you to everyone for your encouragement, prayers, and advice.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Time with friends

We got to hang out with a good friend this week. Abby is pretty much a rockstar mom. Not only does she have two super cute boys that are 13 months apart, but for the past couple of weeks she has been doing the single parent thing while her hubby has been working out of the country. I have loved getting to know her over the past few months and look forward to more fun times with our boys. I didn't get any pictures of her littlest cutie Brayden, but this is Evan and Zeke playing together.

Evan was much more interested in the things he could pull out of my diaper bag.

Yes, I think my son was about to bite him...

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Teething Biscuit

I have been searching since Zeke started teething for a teething biscuit that wouldn't break off in huge chunks. All I could find were more like cookies and they were for kids 10 months and older. I finally found one and let Zeke have a taste. He LOVED it!
I realized quickly he needed a bib
Check out those cheeks!
Yes, he even had it on his socks!
Is there something on my face?

It's gooood!

Here's a little video of what Z thought of the experience.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Quick Update

We tried Enfamil today at 11:30. Just 2 oz, but so far it has stayed down. YAY! And I didn't cry while he had it. I did finish up the feeding though because 2 oz isn't enough for that kid. We are going to go slowly, but hopefully this one will work.

Thank you so much for the encouraging words that everyone has been sending our way. We really appreciate the prayers. I have totally felt bathed today in those prayers. So, thanks so much to everyone.


No picture today. I didn't think crying and vomiting would be appreciated by anyone. (I did the crying and Zeke did the vomiting) We have made the decision to start transitioning over to formula, for a number of reasons. It has probably been the hardest decision we have made as parents to date. (yes, I know we will look back and laugh that this was a hard decision one day, but that day isn't today so please don't tell me that) Spence and I talked with friends and the pediatrician's office about formula choice. We went to BJ's and purchased Similac Advance. Saturday, Spence gave Zeke his bottle around 11. Zeke spit up during the feeding, then throws up afterwards. Spence and Zeke get bathed and changed. (I have been crying all the way through- even before any throwing up) Zeke is now just laying around on me. It has been about an hour and then he throws up again. We all end up with clothing changes. Round one for formula did not go well. We are going to try another type today and see how it goes. Please be praying for us. It not being a smooth transition is not making this decision easier...

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Awesome Auntie Amber (AAA)

Being on staff at a church is a lot of fun for us, it also comes with lots of changes. We change locations, times, staff, and tons of other stuff. I think that one of the hardest parts for me is getting so close to people and then realizing with them that God is pressing on their heart to go somewhere else. Away from me. One of those people is Amber Lunn. Amber and I have been friends for over 6 years now (even though she wasn't super friendly to me in the beginning- which she conveniently forgets...). She is seriously one of my favorite people, ever.

While I was pregnant Amber decided she needed a cool name. We chose AAA meaning Awesome Auntie Amber. Amber even found a bib that said Awesome Auntie and she sewed on Amber. It is pretty incredible. She loves this kid like no other, and it is such fun to see Zeke so excited to see her. It is a little crazy to think that after a brief visit in June, we won't see her for two years. Zeke will be almost 3 when she gets back from living in S. Africa. And Baby Dos will be here. It is a little sad to think about all the things changing and her not being here. We plan though to get really good a skype so that she can see everything going on. Amber we love you and can't wait to see what God does through you!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mornings at the Shelton House

Here is a glimpse of a morning at our house. Typically Spence gets up with Shamgar, feeds him and takes him on a walk. Zeke wakes up about an hour or so later. I feed Zeke and then my superhero hubby lets me go back to sleep until he has to go to work. I have always wondered what the boys do while I am sleeping, but have never mentioned it to Spence. He must have read my mind and took a video of the guys hanging out.

The funniest part is that when I played it back, Zeke watched it with me. When he got a little fussy on the video, he burst into tears in real life. I thought it was a fluke, so once he had calmed down I tried it again. He did it again! What a strange kid we have...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Sophia!

Happy Easter

We had a busy Easter morning. We were at church from 8 until 1:30. Spence played the awesome dad card and actually took Zeke home around 12. Which was really good for Z. We didn't take a picture of all three of us because I was in my typical kidslife t-shirt, nothing special for Easter...

Z woke up looking like he had been in a catfight...

Love the hat

Dad and son

Spence had a lot of fun taking pics and videos. Here is just one of the many gems...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Prayer of Hannah

Ok, so this is a ridiculous ploy by me to win something in a giveaway on one of my favorite sites! You should totally check it out, especially if you are a mom. I have referenced this site so many times in the last 8 months, it is insane. So, go check it out, but don't you dare enter to win!! haha

Saturday, April 11, 2009

8 months

So, we are a little behind on this post, but hey I am a busy girl... Zeke was 8 months on the 8th. He is doing so many new things that I can hardly keep up. He is really trying to figure out how to crawl, he can swivel himself all around on his belly. He is now sleeping on his tummy more (hello kid I tried to put you on it earlier and you hated it!) He has such a fun personality. It is so cool how he lights up when he sees people that he recognizes. He has gotten to where if he is hungry and sees me, he totally throws a tantrum until I feed him. He also has begun crying when I walk out of the room even when with Spence. It is funny, sweet, and annoying all at the same time. He is sleeping better now too. :-)
Here is our typical schedule for each day:
7-7:30- wake up and eat
7:30-8:15- time with dad and eat breakfast
8:15-9- play with mom
9-11- nap
11- eat
11:30-1- get out of the house if it is nice or play inside with mom
1-2:30/3:00- nap
3- eat
3-7- play, wait for dad to get home, bath if it is a bath night, try to make it to 7 for bed time
7- eat and bed
Generally he has been going 4ish hours and then eating again, so we are still feeding twice a night. We have had a few nights of 7 hours straight or even 9 hours. We LOVE those nights!
Zeke has had many firsts recently, so here are some fun pics of those:

First taste of a popsicle

First swinging outside

Riding in the stroller with out the carseat

What he does while riding in the stroller

In a big boy carseat

How to raise a healthy child...

... in spite of your doctor by Robert Mendelsohn. This book came HIGHLY recommended to me by many moms before we had Zeke. I got the book for Christmas and began reading it recently. Being the good mommy that I am ,I flipped immediately to the section on earaches (or the hated villian at our house).
This is what the Rob had to say about earaches: "Use a heating pad; insert two drops of heated (but not hot) olive oil in the child's ear every two hours; give whiskey by mouth, which will help the child sleep, (Give 10 drops of whiskey to a small baby and up to one-half teaspoon to a larger one. The does can be repeated in one hour and once more in another hour, if needed.) *italics and bold added for emphasis
OK, so here are a few things that I must question; 1. obviously I have heard things like this and thought it was old wives' tales, didn't expect a dr to recommend it. 2. of course the whiskey will help the child sleep, ask any college student and they can vouch for that one. 3. what constitutes a small and a larger baby?

Here is another thing that I am having a bit of a problem with at the moment: "If your baby is totally breastfed, it will provide you with contraceptive protection, in most cases, for at least six months, and in some instances for as long as 2 1/2 years."
Hmmmm.... not buying what he is selling on this one either.

I do have to say that I do agree with some things he says. I am not saying this is all totally junk. I agree that you shouldn't race to the dr. over every little thing. I totally agree that antibiotics are not the solution for every problem and that dumping motrin down their throats does not solve everything. But this book did come out in the 80's when kids were still eating paint chips and riding around with out seatbelts, so I'm not sure how much I should value Dr. Rob's opinions...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Horsey Named Jack

Zeke loves this game with his nana. It makes him laugh and smile so big! I had never heard of this horse until now and I am not really sure how exactly he falls through a crack, but Zeke thinks it is great.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bucky Beaver

Check out the top two teeth. They came in over the past two weeks. One on a Wednesday and then the next the following Monday. What is the deal with cutting two at a time. These are the first pics I have been able to get.

Zeke will not be asking for his two front teeth for Christmas.

That's the camera cord, he was trying to pull it out of my hands as I was taking this

Friday, April 3, 2009

Cupcakes are yummy

Some of the kids (and adults, but we don't have pictures of them) at small group last week thoroughly enjoyed the dessert. We had cupcakes were like s'mores. There was a thin layer of graham craker and then chocolate cake and then homemade marshmallow fluff that was torched for a smoky look and taste. The cupcakes were made by Wendy. I basically offered her a room in my home in exchange for baking yummy goodness for us. The kids were all going "mmmm, cupcake good".

Look closely, Isaac looks like he is missing a tooth.

Bryson looks like he is thinking "Cupcake, what cupcake, I didn't see any cupcakes"

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Lots of fun stuff

Here are some fun things that Zeke has been up to recently.

Zeke loves looking at the pictures in this book.

I am thinking he may be a genius...

You should have heard the sounds he was making while eating sweet potato out of this thing

This one is for those of you that don't believe that my kid has the chunkiest legs EVER...