Monday, October 13, 2014

Diary of a Church Planter's Wife

Well, yeah.  I dropped that "we are having a huge life change" bomb on you, and then what did I do?  Yeah, not really mention it for a whole month.  So, here is an update of how the past month has gone.

There are the fun, high moments where I am over the moon.  Those moments include Spence having a cool meeting that went well and coming home excited, having college students over who are interested in hearing more about our move, our kids talking about Charlotte, reconnecting with friends, meeting new people, random people getting excited about our move (Zeke's teacher and our doctor both have been really encouraging in the last couple weeks).  

There are also sad moments like when I thought about Haddie can't have her next birthday party at the pumpkin patch near our house that we love, not being so close to Chapel Hill, missing the fair next year, when Ben starts talking about his best friends, calling up friends late and making Target runs, being far from Meredith, and don't even get me started on when I think about leaving my friends. 

There are also hard moments where I feel lost and confused.  Like with the fact that right now I still don't know where exactly we are going, or if anyone is going to actually come with us, or a name for our church.  The type A planner in me is going a wee bit nuts.  Coupled with this is the fact of just a few other things going on in our world (like crazy work schedules and AC being broken for a week, but those are just normal things that feel heightened by the underlying)

But ya'll this is what I know, Jesus is gonna meet me wherever I am.  Today was one of those days where it was just a roller coaster.  We had a really fun, full day.  The boys had soccer, we had lunch, Spence had to leave to go out of town for a couple days, we went to a birthday party and were going to go to church.  Everything was pointing to going to church as being a bad idea.  I was alone, we had a full day, Ellie fell asleep in the car, and then it started to rain.  Everything in me wanted to hit a drive-thru, head home, and put on a movie.  Instead, the four kids and I went to church.  I prayed the whole way there.  JD said this quote tonight "God's plan for discipleship is not something, it is someone".  And it hit me.  We are that something.  This no name, no identified partner for Spence to share the work load, no exact location body of believers.  And yes currently it is Spence and me and the kids with a few verbal commitments.  But we together are gonna be disciple makers.  We together are going to be a someone.  And knowing that makes all the difference for those sad and hard moments. 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ben's Spy Party

Ben decided he wanted his fifth birthday to be a spy party.  When he said this, I was all "huh, what?!"  And then I hit the Pinterest and started planning.  We decided to have a Spy Academy with a training mission before they could become spies.  We fingerprinted and gave them new ids and names to start the time off.  

the check in table

Ben showing me how he would fight the bad guys


Laser Lane

Balloon Blast- we did some target shooting with marshmallow blasters

Punch card- each hole had a card with a word.  Once they sorted the words out it gave them their final clue to find the treasure.  

The final challenge was breaking open a piƱata 

The crew observing

Happy birthday Agent Ben!

Oh, and let's throw in a little cuteness too. 
 Girl, knew exact what to do with that cupcake this week