Saturday, November 29, 2008

Congratulations Matt and Tori!

So, after all the Thanksgiving fesitvities, Matt and the Shelton boys got hard to work on a special surprise for Tori (Matt's girlfriend). Matt is an architect so he decided to make something.

This is Matt cutting one of five four by six signs.

Matt planning the layout.

The finished product.

YAY!!! She said YES!!!

The happy couple.

We are so excited for you guys! I am super pumped about getting another girl in there with all those Shelton boys! We love you Tori and Matt!


We went to McLeansville and Whitsett for Thanksgiving. We had a great time hanging out with our family. We ate lots of good food and had fun just hanging out

Zeke was ready to eat some yummy food

This kid doesn't miss a meal

Zeke with uncle Matt

Zeke decided to take on the plumber look for the holidays

He and grandpa were having a deep discussion

At Yaya's he tried out an exersaucer for the first time

He also tried a teething ring

Look at those cute toes!

This is Zeke's cousin Sophia.
Zeke is 4 months younger, but you would never know it.

After seeing the pictures of Zeke and Holt wrestling, Sophia decided to have a try.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

random cuteness

Here are some other random pictures from this week.

knocked out

check him out

Zeke didn't want to be disturbed...

best friends

We had Thanksgiving Pizza tonight with some friends. (basically we wanted to eat the furthest thing from turkey since we will get the fill of it in the next few days) The Gaston's came over so we had to take some pictures of the boys together.

Holt sitting up

Zeke "the godfather"

best buddies just chillin

Zeke is trying to show Holt how to roll over

Look at those handsome boys!

The boys had their first wrestling match... Holt can you breath under there buddy?

The boys also had a race.

Rolling baby!

Just wanted to give everyone a heads up that Zeke rolled from his back to his tummy all on his own today! Just wait til he figures out he can do this more than once! There will be no stopping him, no, I mean literally once all that gets going gravity will have to work SUPER hard to stop him! I love my roly poly man! Check out those cheeks! (This pic is from partying too hard at Thanksgiving at the Douglas' where he was loved on by lots of peeps)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Nothing you can say...

...can tear me away, from my guy(s)!

hanging out

Spence is an awesome dad!

Look at those smiles! Spence is definitely this baby's daddy!

No more pictures, ma!

This is what Zeke did the other night when I pulled out the camera! He had been laughing and having a good time (which I caught on video) but when he noticed the camera he started this. Do you think I am taking too many pictures, perhaps?

Look what I can do

Zeke learned how to do this last week. This sounds like such a staff kid story, but we were at the church hanging out in my office when he rolled over! Not once, but twice! Spence did not get to see, but AAA (otherwise known as Awesome Auntie Amber) was there to witness. Tonight Spence and I set up a blanket so that he could see it for himself. We are so proud of him. Oh and listen carefully to all the sounds he makes, he is so loud!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

the best sound

This is my favorite sound. I love this little guy so much!!

I love the people I work with...

So, around the office we were predicting when Samuel (formerly known as baby d) would arrive. We took guesses about the date and the gender because Morgan and Ryan did not know yet. I know you can't really see on the calendar, but I would like to point out that I chose the correct date.

Sign that we put up when they got their first ultrasound and prediction calendar

November 13, 2008!

On another note, I have been using the future children's pastor office as my personal nursing space. We had the sign below minus the picture to keep people from coming in. Well, this past week the sign did not work. My sweet friend Rachel has decided that the picture should be added to help keep people from entering during in use times.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Welcome Samuel James!!

Let me introduce you to Zeke's newest best friend. Our friends Morgan and Ryan just had their first child last night. I am convinced that Zeke, Samuel, and Holt will be the next three musketeers!

Samuel James Doherty

The amazing Morgan

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tarheel baby

Zeke got to go to his daddy's beloved Chapel Hill this week. And of course I did not get any pictures. We did get a cool Ramseys mobile, which he loves! In honor of the heels here are some pictures of our lil Tarheel and some pictures of him enjoying the mobile.

He loves UNC

His first hat

"WOW! Look at the flying rams!"

It plays the fight song while it spins! How awesome is that?

New bib from our trip

Sunday, November 9, 2008


...and it feels so good!! YAY! Spence, Zeke, and I headed to Charlotte for Friday and Saturday. Our buddy Steven will be 30 soon and his sweet wife April threw him a surprise birthday party. We had such fun introducing Zeke to the Browns and Stinsons. Phillips family we missed you so much and can't wait to get all the Fletcher babies together!

We also hung out with our buddies Lee and Sara (of course I didn't get any pictures of that!) We got to see Spence's family for dinner and then went to a housewarming for Auntie Belle and Uncle Bubba (Courtney's brother and sister in law). It was a busy, but fun weekend!

And on another note that many will not care about, those red pants in the pictures are my first prepregnancy pants that I can fit back into, HURRAY!

The ladies

Baby Paisley, we are ready for you!

I miss these ladies!

This is how the daddies pose when asked to take a picture.

Sweet babies!

Zeke with Auntie Jaime

Zeke with Auntie April

Zeke with Ave

Close up with AK

All the kiddies: Avery, Averie, Austin Kate, Zeke, and Addison
(Zeke's name has never stood out more...)