Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Family photos

We had pictures taken by Brian Fleming Photography.  We were really excited about getting some great shots of our family of 6.  Ellie had other ideas.  Brian is AH-MAZING and was able to capture some great shots.  He caught our family in all our glory and truly got our personality.

I love all those feet

Pretty much how Ellie felt about the entire session

Every once in a while, Sassy decided to throw us a bone


This man, ya'll, this man.

Our crazy family of SIX!

I love railroad pics

Handsome big boy

The newest member of the fam

Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

Haddie spent her Halloween pretty much like this

Ellie refused to wear a costume.  I mean, all kinds of a fit.  

Ben the fireman

I can not believe I have 4 kids.  

We trick or treated with our small group friends again this year.  

Ellie walked up to each door, said please, then ran away saying "Kank-kou" before any candy could be put in her bucket. She ended the night with no candy and no costume.  I guess she made up for me sticking her in 3 costumes last year.