Monday, November 4, 2013

Halloween 2013

Haddie spent her Halloween pretty much like this

Ellie refused to wear a costume.  I mean, all kinds of a fit.  

Ben the fireman

I can not believe I have 4 kids.  

We trick or treated with our small group friends again this year.  

Ellie walked up to each door, said please, then ran away saying "Kank-kou" before any candy could be put in her bucket. She ended the night with no candy and no costume.  I guess she made up for me sticking her in 3 costumes last year.

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Cyndi - YaYa said...

haha.. I can't believe you have blessed me with half of my grandkids! Love them.. Love you.. ... FYI.. Ellie is.. Just...LIKE...Y.O.U.!