Friday, October 29, 2010

We found a monkey loose at the zoo

We met the Gastons at the zoo last Friday. We had a blast chasing our boys all around and avoiding all the school groups.

Crazy boys

Shelton boys


This is Katie future: Holt playing with poop (this was a dung beetle sculpture)

Of course Z had to join the fun

Ben had fun too

We picnicked before heading home

On the way home, Spence and I found a Sonic and risked stopping and our boys waking up. They did and then Zeke stole my orange cream slush :(

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Fair is a Veritable Smorgasbord

We went to the fair for the first time Thursday (no we didn't know it was can food day, yes we paid $16 to get in, UGH!) We hadn't been able to go the past two years. These are the first two years I missed going since elementary school probably, I can't remember and I am just guessing. I was pumped about sharing the fair with my boys. While walking around, I kept thinking of Charlotte's Web and Templeton at the fair :) We can't wait to go back and Zeke has suggested it while we are in the car a couple times. Sorry buddy, that yummy deliciousness only comes once a year.
Alphabet Soup

Zeke found the letters to spell out their names

Ben tried out Dada's sunglasses

Where ya going?


Zeke driving and Ben...well gnawing

Baby chickens!

Be gentle!

First Fair Food: Al's Fries!


We moved onto corndogs and fried Snickers

Zeke's first fair game

Get that FISH!

First prize!

OK, this has nothing to do with my children, but did you see these?!
I wanted to do it. They were big beach ball type things that kids could get in and then run around on the water, so cool!
Zeke loved the helicopter, but didn't understand why he couldn't get in

WOW, a motorcycle

Mommy's favorite: Roasted corn

Now Zeke's favorite

Monday, October 25, 2010

To bathe or not to bathe?

To bathe

or not to bathe

That is the question

Answer: YES!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wilmington Weekend

Spence and I celebrated our anniversary 3 months delayed this year. We chose Wilmington because we were already going to a wedding there. We got some great recommendations, booked our hotel, sent the kids to my parents (small cryfest when that happened), and headed out. We got into town in time to have dinner at Osteria Cicchetti. O.H M.Y. W.O.R.D.!!!! I wanted to wrap that place up and bring it home with me. I had chicken parmesean and Spence had lasagna. Yummy deliciousness! Then we walked around downtown. Enjoying drinks and dessert at Trebenzios. We split a chocolate orange truffle cake, it made me want to slap Spence and the waitress it was so good! For breakfast on Saturday we hit up Sweet and Savory where I enjoyed the best french toast known to man. (it was so good we went there again on Sunday). Saturday night we got to go to the wedding of my friend from Meredith, Shannon. It was on the beach and beautiful. We had a blast hanging with my big sis's Melissa and Lindsay and their husbands Reade and Dan and even convinced them to join us for breakfast the next morning. After breakfast Sunday morning, we headed to Port City Community Church. We enjoyed a tour, service and lunch with the guy who is their Spence. I can't remember the name of the place, but it was down near the beach and we got to eat outside. We were so blessed by this trip, but were so excited to get home to our boys. I squeezed them tight when I got my hands on them. Ben was especially sweet by touching my face and just staring and Zeke just immediately said "Mommy, Dada, let's go!" and was ready to head home. It was great to get a way but really nice having them to come home to.
Here are the only picture we have from the weekend:

My love and I on the beach after the wedding

Melissa and Reade

Lindsay and Dan

The whole group

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Zeke was invited by some friends of ours to participate in a demo for a kiddie basketball program. Some of his best buddies were there with us which of course made it so much better.

He's a baller


The windup

AND shoot!

Coach Craig- I'm thinking things weren't going as he planned

Really cute hoop game

Zeke wasn't the fastest kid on the block

As you can see everyone ended up waiting on him

Brayden and Zeke running to get


He shoots! He scores!

And this is what Benjamin did when he could get away from his Yaya

Zeke being a bit stingy I think

Ben wanted in on the action

This is just one of the MANY videos that my mama was able to capture. They were all pretty hilarious.