Monday, October 4, 2010

Day 8

Praying for his past

Long before you knew your man and even early on in your relationship, there were many events and much life that took place. Just as our past has much responsibility for determining who we are on this day, so does our man’s.

Let’s pray for our guys life, before today. We want life before today to be an encouragement for his present and his future. Though we cannot change the past, we can learn from it, grow through it and become mature because of it. When our man may not think to pray for his past, let us take that responsibility on ourselves. As we pray for his past, let us ask Jesus to reconcile it. May we also thank the Lord for developing him into the man he is today.

Our focus:
· Seek forgiveness for yourself if there are any areas in his past that you have yet to forgive or have developed bitter roots.
· Ask that he would have full forgiveness of himself for who he used to be.
· Allow his past to be used to encourage him in his future.
· May he learn from past triumphs, successes, failures, and sins.
· Would he be able to use each part of who he is as a testimony to Christ and His faithfulness. · Pray that his past is not where his thoughts dwell. Give him eyes to see that God is doing a new thing.

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