Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Day 9

Pray for his time in the Word

Anyone still trucking with me? When you say pray for ten days, it seems a small feat. Yet, when you put ten days of hard-core praying to the test, it doesn’t seem so small does it? I am confident that our dudes will reap from our diligent, loving efforts.

Spending time with the Lord. A statement, a question, a request….

Whether or not you know that your husband spends daily, quality time with the Lord or not, let’s seek this for him.

As we go through our day today, let us really just press into this topic for our man. Pray for your future husband, that God would do these things in his heart this very day and that God would develop discipline in him now, rather than later. May we all step closer to the Lord as we take this cry of our heart to Him.

Our focus:
· Draw him into an intimate time of worship.
· Call him away to a quiet place.
· Drown out life.
· Speak with clarity.
· Reveal yourself.
· Love him.
· Give life to Your Word.
· Pour out revelation.
· Grant him accountability in his journey of following Christ.
· Shape him into a man of integrity, character, and self-discipline.

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