Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Zeke was invited by some friends of ours to participate in a demo for a kiddie basketball program. Some of his best buddies were there with us which of course made it so much better.

He's a baller


The windup

AND shoot!

Coach Craig- I'm thinking things weren't going as he planned

Really cute hoop game

Zeke wasn't the fastest kid on the block

As you can see everyone ended up waiting on him

Brayden and Zeke running to get


He shoots! He scores!

And this is what Benjamin did when he could get away from his Yaya

Zeke being a bit stingy I think

Ben wanted in on the action

This is just one of the MANY videos that my mama was able to capture. They were all pretty hilarious.


Anonymous said...

Been waitin on this post!! love the pics!
p.s. never seen a video of me walking.... do I walk funny? I think so!

ImaYaYa said...

Such a fun morning!!! I loved it.. and I believe the kids did too!

Sarah said...

too cute!!

Bobby and Brooke said...

Very cute!!! The pics are adorable and made the day look like a blast!!