Saturday, October 2, 2010

Day 6

Pray for his friendships

Friendship. A word my man knows so, so well. I am ashamed to admit, but I am not always gun hoe when Brad wants to spend time with friends. I have been known to feel that they are competing for my quality time. I rarely take the time to acknowledge how beneficial Brad’s quality friend-time can be, nor do I give thanks for the great friends that my husband has.
Maybe some of you are on the opposite end of the spectrum, you desire for your husband to develop more friendships. If so, spend today requesting this from the Lord.
If your husband has many friends or few, let us be thankful for all of the men in his life whom he can be ‘real’ around. Be thankful if he returns home refreshed and a better husband and father after being around his friends.

Our focus:
· Give him wisdom in choosing men worthy of honest friendship.
· Thank Jesus for the friends that he has been given.
· Be specific, thanks Jesus for each friend that comes to mind. Call them out by name.
· Ask that he would be vulnerable with his friends.
· Pray that the vulnerability would grow to true accountability.
· Develop him into an authentic, giving, approachable friend.
· Increase integrity in friendships, making him worthy of great friends, in return.

Maybe he should get a guys night soon, away from the stresses of a job, the demands of a family, the requests of a wife and the expectations of those he leads. Just a thought…

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