Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ben's first birthday post 3

For our final celebration of Benjamin, we had a family party on Saturday. Spence and my parents and siblings came to a small party at our house.

Ben's HUGE cupcake and the other cupcakes (thanks Keva for your supplies)

Some of the decorations

I love their faces in this picture

Ben enjoyed opening his gifts

See his excitement?!

I love that he had his feet crossed the whole time

His feelings about clothes
I thought we had a least a couple years before he acted like this

Sweet face

waving to his gifts

enjoying his new car from Uncle Scott

pointing to all the animals and oinking

in true Shelton fashion, the older brother tried to steal all the gifts ;)
Get this hat OFF!



Zeke enjoyed hsi cupcake too

Finished product

Family of four (best pic we could get...and we had 4 cameras going)

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ImaYaYa said...

sweet,sweet,sweet boy!!!