Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Visit to YaYa and PawPaw's

This girl loves to swing

We love this playground near my parents.  If you are in the Burlington/Elon area, check out Beth Schmidt park.  It's really nice and has stuff for every age

My parents decorate haybales each year. 

The boys love how fun it is on the farm

As a special treat, we took the kids through the field to the haybales on the back of my dad's pickup

Can you tell how much they loved it?!
And Sophie had a sweet moment and picked flowers to give out ;)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2012 Fair

First stop NC State ice cream.  State can't do many things I like, but they do ice cream well.  I hadn't gotten it the past two fair trips because it is right near the gate we come in.  Spence always says it's too early to get it on the way in and the line is always too long on the way out.  This year I got in line at 10:45, the stand opens at 11:00.  (then I got to see our tax money at work with those poor kids trying to figure out how to set up the line...)

PBS tent is always a great stop for us

This shot was taken after I had just casually thrown and gotten 3 rings in a row

The boys don't really know who this is, but are all about some characters after Disney

I love this picture of my girl

Ben has been talking about the ferris wheel for a year.  It was the only thing he wanted to do. 

In line ready to go.  I'm pretty sure we will be hearing about the ferris wheel for another year.

Zeke asked to go in the Fun House.  Spence and I were really surprised this is what he wanted to do, but went with it because Z is typically nervous about stuff.  Neither of the boys were big enough, so I drew the short straw on going in with them. 

I'm not posting the next slide picture... of me coming down.  You are welcome
Our last stop was corn.  Z ate more than I did.  I said last year that I wouldn't share and I mean it for next year.  That boy loves him some corn. 

What's the fair with out yummy lemonade?

E chilling in the jump seat

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin patch visit

We had our first ever field trip.  These firsts are so weird for me by the way.  I am so that mama who gets a little teary but also so excited for all these fun milestones for my kiddos.  We headed to Page Farm pumpkin patch with Zeke and Ben's school.  (this is the same place that we get strawberries too, pretty awesome I think).  Spence and I forgot our camera, but I have a couple shots off my phone.  I think he has some pictures too, but I'll have to add those in after I steal them. 
Hayride, it was really fun until we stopped in the barn and the bull got a little excited about a cow and we almost got a whole other kind of education

Really cool horse swing from a tire

Zeke talking to the goats

Picking our perfect pumpkins

Obligatory pumpkin patch pic (this is as good as I could get)

Zeke on the haybale

Ben on haybale

Thursday, October 18, 2012

New camera

Before Disney, we decided to get a new camera.  We decided to go ahead and splurge and get a nice one.  We were choosing between two and I left it up to Spence.  I am so happy I did because he definitely got the better one!  I am loving learning it and loving the pictures I can capture with the fact it can take 10 pictures a second or something ridiculous like that.  No more missed smiles or closed eyes, right? ;)

Monday, October 15, 2012

Ellie's 8 months

Ellie is 8 months.  She has changed so much this past month.  She is chattering up a storm.  She has said dada, hey dada, hey, and mama (but only said that twice).  She loves her toungue and sticks it out all the time.  She hasn't been sleeping so great because I think those teeth are going to finally pop through sometime soon.  She is wearing 6-9 month clothes but can wear some 12 month stuff.  She fits best into clothing that is just 9 months.  She wears size 3 diapers.  She is still great at nursing.  She chews a paci or her fingers or whatever toy she can get her hands on.  She can roll both ways but generally refuses to roll off her stomach.  She practically folds herself in half when sitting up and she wants to reach for something.  She is still roly poly and awesomely chubby.  She watches her brothers intently.  She eats puffs and mum mums like a champ.  Her favorite food is avocados and she seems to prefer veggies over fruits (say what?!) She takes her socks off as fast as you can get them on her.  She laughs and squeals and is just LOUD.  I'm pretty sure she is gonna be a wild girl.
Here are some of our favorite pictures from over the past month.
modeling her bathing suits before our Disney trip

happy girl loves swinging

that cheek is so kissable

one of my fave outfits right now, cute sweater and jeggings

8 months basket pic

biggest brother

big brother

loves her toes and check out those eyes!

she loves that giraffe and snuggles up

i kiss those cheeks all.day.long

sink bath

stunning girl


Super Ellie

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ben's Superhero Party

Well, shoot!  The pictures are in total reverse order.  And I've tried 3 times to get this post up, so that is how they will stay.  You can either start from the bottom or just travel backwards through time with me.
Ben had a Superhero birthday party.  We made capes for all the kiddos, had a comic strip banner, superhero photo shoot (preparty), a superhero training course, and superhero snacks to help with our superhero powers.  It was a really fun theme and all the kids seemed to have a blast!
Shelton cousins

Little & Shelton cousins (minus Jace and the babies)

Ben immediately wanted to play a song for us when he got this

Now he has a big bike like Zeke!
(here's hoping this will help Z want to ride)


Heels hat

OK, this pic cracked me up.  We told Ben to give Linds a hug for her gift.  Zeke liked the gift too, so he jumped up and ran over for a hug too! 

Family pic

It's not a party til someone loses some clothing

stud superhero

blowing out his 3 candles!

Max loved the trampoline again

Nana and her girl (yes Ellie is the cutest superhero ever)

Levi trained hard

This is the "injun" fighting ring (ninja fighting ring)

Zeke racing around

About to bust out of their house

Super snacks!

Balloon wreath by YaYa!

Food table

Kid pic


Busting into the city

Fighting ninjas!

He's 3!