Friday, October 12, 2012

We are still here

I know, it's been a while.  I promise we are still here, just super busy.  We have been working on getting used to our new schedule of the boys being in school.  We went to a football game, Disney World, a wedding, and Ben's birthday in the last 3 weeks.  Also, I am finally transferring everything over to a new computer (yes mama, the one you gave me for Christmas). I have been slowly transitioning, but i just have to do it completely.  Be on the look out for backdated posts coming soon.  I have missed blogging and hope to get back into the swing of it soon.  Until then, here are a couple recent picture of our family.


Sarah Campbell said...

LOVE those pictures!!

Cyndi - YaYa said...

hahah.. I wondered if you had done that yet.. it's only been *almost* 10 months! LOL..
Love the pictures..