Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pumpkin patch visit

We had our first ever field trip.  These firsts are so weird for me by the way.  I am so that mama who gets a little teary but also so excited for all these fun milestones for my kiddos.  We headed to Page Farm pumpkin patch with Zeke and Ben's school.  (this is the same place that we get strawberries too, pretty awesome I think).  Spence and I forgot our camera, but I have a couple shots off my phone.  I think he has some pictures too, but I'll have to add those in after I steal them. 
Hayride, it was really fun until we stopped in the barn and the bull got a little excited about a cow and we almost got a whole other kind of education

Really cool horse swing from a tire

Zeke talking to the goats

Picking our perfect pumpkins

Obligatory pumpkin patch pic (this is as good as I could get)

Zeke on the haybale

Ben on haybale


Jen T. said...

Really glad you didn't have to explain a "whole other kind of education." That made me laugh!

Jen T. said...

Love the comment about "whole other kind of education." That made me laugh!

Cyndi - YaYa said...

Oh so much fun!!! What a great place!! Hayrides too!!! Fun!!