Thursday, October 4, 2012

Magic Kingdom Take Two

We returned to Magic Kingdom on our last day.  We planned to do things we didn't get to do and also ride Buzz again.  I will admit there was a request to ride It's a Small World again, but somehow we didn't do that... We let the boys do some shopping, got their silhouettes cut out (coolest thing!), and burned through our remaining food credits on snacks and treats to take home.  We went to Trails End over at Fort Wilderness for dinner*.  It was horribly hot all day.  The people working told us that it felt like an August day rather than an October day.  This confirmed for us that we will never go in August.
*This is where our trip broke down a bit.  It began monsooning while we were eating.  We ended up with the boys in a stroller with a shower curtain draped over to keep them dry, Spence in a poncho, Ellie in the ergo and a poncho over us both.  We waited for a bus that ended up just driving right by us.  The bus that we needed never showed, so we took a bus to another resort (the contemporary).  From there we took the monorail back to Magic Kingdom and then grabbed a bus back to our hotel.  This was the only point of our trip where we were sad that we didn't have our own car. But on a bright side, we officially rode every form of transportation offered
Magic Kingdom must do's:
Buzz (yes again)
Main St. Bakery cinnamon roll
Dole Whip (SOOO good, we could have each gotten one and eaten it)

Bus ride and Ellie taking a nap

Zeke spent each bus ride counting Mickeys that he saw

Ben looked for the castle and waited for the trumpets to sound that we were entering Magic Kingdom

We started with breakfast from the Main St. Bakery.  This cinnamon roll fed all of us

From Aladdin's carpet ride.  Those camels spit water on you as you walk by, so funny to watch people trying to figure out what just happened to them

Loving that Dole Whip

Swiss Family Robinson

Bad pic, but aren't they so funny?!

The kids just had to sit and then she cut out their silhouette

This is the finished products framed once we got home :)

Ellie's main mode of transportation

Ellie at dinner

Ben at dinner

And this is how Ellie and I rolled out of dinner.  I promise I held it away from her face so there was no chance she would suffocate :)

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