Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Magic Kingdom Day 1

I spent weeks planning down to the minute our trip.  I planned exactly when we should arrive and the order of the rides and so much more.  I am glad that I did all that, but I am glad that I have Spence who helped to keep me flexible.  We knew we were doing Magic Kingdom twice, so we didn't stress hitting every single thing on day one.  We ended up editing our plans and just doing FantasyLand and TomorrowLand on day 1 which worked perfectly for us.  We ate at Tony's on Main Street for lunch and it was tasty.  We took a break midday and returned for a rest time because we knew we would be out late watching the parade and fireworks that night. The boys loved Buzz Lightyear.  We had dinner at Cosmic Ray's and that was one of my favorites.  (The mango sorbet was to die for).  Spence's favorite was the Monster's Inc Laugh Floor.  It was so creative, we thought about doing it twice.  The boys also loved Peter Pan and It's a Small World (sweet mercy did they like Small World...)   We didn't so much love Mickey's Philharmagic.  Ellie had to be taken out when the water flicked on her and Zeke wouldn't wear his glasses.
Magic Kingdom must do's (only includes from what we did this day):
Buzz Lightyear
Walking through the castle (no there isn't anything really in there, but it's a have to)
Monster's Inc Laugh Floor
Winnie the Pooh
It's a Small World
Peter Pan
Electrical Parade and Fireworks show

**These pictures are all kinds of out of order, but here they are...

Ben was ecstatic to find Goofy first off...

We were trying to get the boys to come quickly to see the castle, but then realized we should follow their lead a little bit and just enjoy everything they were seeing and taking in.  This proved a much more fun way to experience Disney.

Our family and you can kind of see the castle in the background (picture taker guy fail)

Everything was decorated for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party (we didn't do this because we decided a trip to disney was enough with out that extra added on, the boys have no clue they missed out anything and we got to enjoy the fun fall decorations)

A definite on my list was getting the must have Mickey ears!

Ben loved his ears, but you can't really tell here

This picture is really just for our friend Max.  My boys do not even know who Mary Poppins is, but she is one of Max's favorites so we snagged a pic since there was no line.

Each time Ben saw the castle, he literally screamed.  It was so sweet (cue the tears again)

The boys took a break and hung out by this fountain and then watched a bit of a movie while I fed Ellie in the special little care area.  It was so great.  They had a room for nursing babies, a room that was so nice and clean for changing diapers, and a room with a tv for the big kids waiting.  If you had forgotten anything they had everything available to purchase (diapers, wipes, formula, snacks, etc)

We took the train when we came back after nap so we could ride Buzz again.  

Ellie lived in the ergo quite a bit this week

I brought along bracelets and necklaces for the parade.  We also had little light up spinner things for the boys. We didn't get great spots, but we had fun.  I wasn't able to catch a picture, but Spence put Ben on his shoulders.  Poor guy was so tired (did not nap during our siesta) that he fell asleep resting his head on Spence's head!  It was awesome.

The boys all rode Dumbo together while Ellie and I had a snack :)
This is the only ride that she and I missed out on. I was so happy that we didn't miss anything else

Lunch at Tony's

Winnie the Pooh was our very first ride.  The boys loved all the fun activities in line

Zeke, Ellie and I rode together and Ben and dadd rode behind us.

Mickey and Minnie are like the President to get to.  You get a pass, then wait in a line and are taken through doors to get to a special room to meet them.  It wasn't a long line because of the Fast Pass and the boys were so excited to meet the Mice.

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