Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Art of Animation

Once we got settled into our room, we hopped a bus to Magic Kingdom, then grabbed the bus over to the new resort Art of Animation.  We had heard that there were life size versions of the Cars characters, so we knew this was a must do on our trip.  Honestly, we could have done this and gone back home and the boys would have been over the moon.  If/When we go back we may have to consider staying here.  There are a few different sections, Lion King, Nemo, Little Mermaid, and Cars.  We only went to the Cars area.  There were three buildings and the entrance to each were areas of Radiator Springs: The Wheel Well, Luigi's Casa Dela Tires, and Tow Mater's.  The pool had little cone cabanas (SO CUTE!) The boys were absolutely nuts and could not contain their excitement (insert Courtney's first of many times crying over the boys, seriously people pack tissues when you go to Disney) The food here was AWESOME!  It was our first dining experience and it was a bit crazy and we didn't quite know what we were doing.  I got pasta, Spence got a stir fry, and the boys shared pizza.  Dessert was everyone's favorite. 

Ben's Mickey cupcake

Zeke enjoyed his cupcake a bit much

This sweet girl was the champion baby after this crazy day of 1 flight and 3 bus rides at this point

That chubby baby kills me!

The picture quality is probably going to go down a bit in these next few pictures.  Even with our new camera, we had trouble keeping up with the boys who literally were running in two different directions and not staying still for more than a moment.  I loved it!

Welcome to Radiator Springs!

Doc Hudson


Ben and Guido

My name's Tow Mater

The entrance to one of the buildings (I thought this was so cute! and so Disney!)



Great pic of Ben and Lightning

And here's the good version of Zeke

This was the Wheel well building 

Ben wanted to climb onto of Lightning, we convinced him to not

Wheel Well Hotel


Zeke and Doc


The leaning tower of tires


Ellie got in on the pictures too
This was also the first place that we had to exit with crying children.  It started to get dark and a storm was coming in.  The last thing we wanted was to be stuck trying to get three kids onto 2 different buses and back to our resort in the rain.  We tried to explain how much better things were going to get the next day, and  quickly high tailed it out of there just in time.

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