Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Animal Kingdom

We spent our second day at Animal Kingdom.  This park is where we had our character meal planned. It also closes earlier so we were planning to go and stay until closing at 5 instead of taking our midday break.  We started our day on the safari, it was incredible!  Then we hung around and had our lunch.  After lunch we checked out the Triceratop spin ride, the Nemo show and the Lion King show.  Just before the Lion King show is when Ben had an all out meltdown.  We actually almost left with out going to the show (which would have been such a bummer).  We were able to rally and get a snack.  He ended up taking a nap on Spence during the show and everything turned out well.  
Must do's for Animal Kingdom:
Lion King

Ellie was having her morning nap when we were heading in for our day

The boys brought their binoculars and Zeke loved looking at all the animals with them


Explorer Zeke

Crying point for this day- made me think of my sweet Amber

The giraffes were just breathtaking.  They are so beautiful

And speaking of beautiful, check out this babe

Everything seemed so natural.  I'm sure there are fences and stuff but you did not see any of that

The boys wandered around for a while killing time before our lunch reservation

They actually bumped into some friends from church while playing these drums

That face spells TROUBLE

The tree of life

This was after a clothing change from sweating so much, poor girl

Meeting Donald

Ellie was not sure about Mickey Mouse

Zeke decided to sit this one out

Goofy (can you tell Zeke was excited?!)

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Cyndi - YaYa said...

Oh my!! The Safari looks awesome..
Looks like everyone had a great time!