Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ben is 3!

Our wild man Ben is 3 years old!  He has been looking forward to being 3 for so long.  He has been telling us for months he could do ____ when he turned 3.  He thinks he is such a big boy now.  His actual birthday was pretty low key because we had just gotten back from our trip and it was a Sunday.  Ben has hit 30 pounds!  He is wearing mostly 2T clothing.  He hasn't had any accidents since 1 at Disney and I can't remember when before that.  He goes all day long.  He still wakes early (we are shocked and excited when he makes it to 6!)  He naps about an hour and a half each day (and needs it desperately, if he skips it he sleeps worse at night and still wakes up early).  He is willing to try most foods, but when he decides he doesn't want to it is a battle.  He is wide open and funny.  He loves being outside and running all the time.  He is really into pretend play with Zeke.  He adores Ellie and wants to hug and kiss her all day.  His dad is his absolute favorite person, but he asks for mom when he is hurt or sad or mad.  We still say he does everything BIG, from loving to fighting.  Ben, we love you buddy!  You are our favorite 3 year old.
Interview with Ben:
Favorite food: french fries
Favorite color: Green
Favorite number: 3
Favorite game: racing
Favorite toy: Tick tock croc
Interview answers

I am 3!

Such a big boy

Surprise birthday cake!

Big blow!

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Cyndi - YaYa said...

Zeyyheal 2Seriously.. for some reason.. this has made me cry... Ben.. YaYa loves you to the moon and back buddy!!