Sunday, October 3, 2010

Day 7

Pray for family

I really think it would be meaningful to spend one day focused on your husband’s family. If you are married, this is now your family as well, but these are the people that knew him and loved him long before you did.

I realize that families can be a very ’sticky’ situation in some cases. I ask you to put opinions, disagreements and past hurts aside today. No matter the family circumstance, the Lord used family blessings and trials in your man’s life to develop him into the guy you are so crazy about. As easy or difficult as it may be, spend today focused on your man’s family, taking them before the Lord.

Our focus:
· Thank Jesus for a family that brought such a wonderful man into the world.
· Pray for mended family relationships (if needed).
· Petition that Jesus would make Himself real and known to his family; call each person out by name.
· Ask for protection to surround his family members.
· Pray for the health of his family members.
· Give wisdom to family members.
· Pray that your husband would be quick to honor his family.
· Seek out wisdom so that both you, and your man may know and agree on what family legacies to pass along and what God desires to break and rebuild in your family.

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