Saturday, October 4, 2014

Ben's Spy Party

Ben decided he wanted his fifth birthday to be a spy party.  When he said this, I was all "huh, what?!"  And then I hit the Pinterest and started planning.  We decided to have a Spy Academy with a training mission before they could become spies.  We fingerprinted and gave them new ids and names to start the time off.  

the check in table

Ben showing me how he would fight the bad guys


Laser Lane

Balloon Blast- we did some target shooting with marshmallow blasters

Punch card- each hole had a card with a word.  Once they sorted the words out it gave them their final clue to find the treasure.  

The final challenge was breaking open a piñata 

The crew observing

Happy birthday Agent Ben!

Oh, and let's throw in a little cuteness too. 
 Girl, knew exact what to do with that cupcake this week

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Cyndi - YaYa said...

Awesome awesome party! I think the world is a much safer place today after Shelton Spy Academy!!!