Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sand and Sun part 4- Ellie's Turn

 This little girl had her first beach trip

 The beginning of the week was chilly, so Ellie's first sight of the ocen was a little bundled up

 Shelton girls (SOOOOO weird to write that!!!!)

Daddy's girl
 Ellie tooks naps all over the place: bouncy chair, our bed, my legs, swing, her bed, snuggled up with Nana, Uncle Scott's bed.  It was almost like a game to figure out where we had tucked her for naptime.

 YAY for girly moments!  El had her first pedicure and got matching toes with mommy

 This is how Ellie chilled on the beach (for about 4.2 minutes)

 I don't know why she wouldn't stay in here, I crawled in and found it nice and comfy

 My Ellie-girl

 Beach naps are the best!

 Spoiled rotten!

And finally, I just had to post her bikini!!!  Can you even stand it?!

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Cyndi - YaYa said...

Oh my gosh!! so precious!!! I love this girl!!