Monday, June 25, 2012

Kidsweek 2012- Zapped

Our church's VBS is called Kidsweek.  The theme this year was Zapped.  The preschoolers studied Moses and the elementary studied Peter.  I volunteered in the nursery with Ben and Ellie.  Ben was heartbroken each morning when Zeke got to go in "Kidsweek Church" and he had to go down to "Sunday church" (this was how the boys differentiated the different areas we used)

Zeke had to be convinced each morning to go in.  Ben cheered him on by saying "don't cry Zeke"

On the final day we had a family worship/bounce house party, this is how Ellie throws down

Nothing better in the 10,000 degree heat than a snocone

Zeke was one of the few who didn't mind climbing up the slide since he had on socks. 
Yes, everything was blazing hot!

Zeke was so brave and loved going down again and again

**Ben is absent from these pictures because he did not like the slide at all.  Thanks, Mr. Brian for taking Ben down the slide.  Spence and Ben found things to do on the ground instead ;)

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Cyndi - YaYa said...

Wow.. Zeke went down by himself? Amazing!! Such a brave boy!!