Saturday, August 4, 2012

Zeke's Pre-birthday Pics

We are so blessed with some great friends that we have met through doing some marriage mentoring.  (really, we have learned and benefitted so much more from these couples than they could have from us)  The wife of one of our sweet couples have busted onto the photo scene with their best pal.  I have been dying to get Whitney over to take pictures of the kiddos and she had the best idea.  She came a few days before Zeke's party and took some pictures so we could have some to display.  Here are just a few that she snapped.  We printed one (using Staples engineer size for about $8!) and put it up to go along with all of our Olympics memorabilia.  Also, if you want Whitney and Amy to capture your moments check them out.  I highly recommend them and can't wait to use them again in the near future.

 This picture makes me want to cheer and cry at the same time.  He is so big now!

 Typical Ben, always a ham!

 This girl was so serious... or she was being blinded by the sun

 This was our picture we chose to display, I just love how she did the colors in this

 We may or may not have been chanting 'USA!" at the top of our lungs

 He will be great at giving acceptance speeches

 He will be great at stand up comedy

In our book, they are all gold medal winners :)

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Cyndi - YaYa said...

Such good pictures! Of course the subject matter is perfect! I love these kids!! Zeke is such a big boy now. seems like he grew overnight.
The party was awesome!! We all had such a good time.. Maddie still insists it was "the BEST day...EVER!"...