Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My baby boy is 4

Zeke is 4!  One more finger and then he fills up a whole hand!  I have been super reminiscent since the Olympics started a couple weeks ago.  Zeke was born just before opening ceremonies.  We spent the evening after he was born watching opening ceremonies and then the days that followed we watched countless hours of competition.  I have been way more nostalgic this year than others.  I think it is because he will be starting preschool this fall, so I feel like this is the last "little boy" party.  I know he isn't going to war or anything, but I feel like everything will change with him going to school 4 days a week.  He won't be going to the doctor until the end of the month, so I will do a post then with his growth stats.  I will be posting an interview with him later on this week and also pictures from his awesome party will be up soon.  For now, here is a quick glimpse of my sweet boy's growth

 We waited and anticipated meeting this sweet face

 This is the baby who gave me one of my most honored titles, Mom

 He grew and he grew fast (1 year)

 His sweet personality emerged (2 years old)

 His love for learning has expanded (3 years old)

 Our family has grown so much from when he was born

Our 4 year old

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Cyndi - YaYa said...

I can't believe he's 4 and soon starting Preschool.. when will I ever see him? Preschool... then kindergarten... then dating.. ohmygosh! Hold on babygirl... you're in for a ride ... he's such a sweet boy. and YaYa loves him so much. Happy Birthday again Zekers... you are loved... to the moon and back!