Saturday, August 18, 2012

Zeke's present opening

Zeke continued to be his incredibly sweet self while opening gifts again this year.  After he opened each gift, he found the person and thanked them for his gift.  He had such fun after the party playing with everything.  Ben actually did a great job, not yanking any gifts.  He even told Zeke that at his birthday party he can help open the presents. 

He loved getting Cars stuff again this year

Lindsay got him a tangram book, my inner teacher and his not so inner nerd are loving it!

These next few are a bit out of order, but blogger has made shifting pictures so difficult, I just am not doing it :)

First big boy bike ride!

Our sweet, nervous boy is so cautious

My big 4 year old on his bike!

And of course little brother had to give it a try

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