Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Everything else from July

So, here is a photo dump of every other picture from this month.  Get your big girl/guy pants on because there are a lot.

 Big baby in a little tub

 Scooting around the neighborhood

 Ben completed his first Kumon book.  He more or less ZIPPED right thorugh with out really caring about what he was actually doing, but he finished it and was super proud.

 Pipecleaners and beads

 Stringing those beads fills up some time

 The YaYa and kiddos

 The Nana and kiddos

 July 4 cookout at the Franks house

 The boys first time with a slip n slide, they LOVED it and were pros by the end of the night

 HA!  It looks like she only has one foot because she is jumping already, it's her first time in the jumper

 This is how she sits in the bouncy seat most days

 Nothing better than an afternoon shower to make for some fun puddle splashing

 These are my flipping cool kids

 Zeke's Kumon book.  He was working through the alphabet one, but saw the number one recently and wanted to jump into it.  So, we are about 3/4's of the way through ABC's and 1/3 through numbers.

 Hey, Ben, give me thumbs up

 Mamas do what mamas gotta do when the littlest one needs to eat.

 Our first prayground experience

 The boys LOVED it.  I just wish this park were here and not in McLeansville

 Ellie shoved her thumb into the paci and then into her mouth.  I'm thinking teething much

 Race time

 Bampa and Ben

 We found the cutest squishiest cottonball marshmallow baby at the Disney store

 Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful?

 Wore that baby out (and wore that bathing suit out, it was retired after this wearing)

Our crazy wild boys, we love us some Max (and Charlie)


Cyndi - YaYa said...

Sweet, sweet kids!!Love them to the moon and back!

Sarah said...

Courtney, thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hey. I can't wait to run in to you at Daylight sometime. It's our favorite hangout on Saturday mornings!! Your kids are adorable!!! WHERE is that water park! What fun!!