Thursday, July 19, 2012

Science experiments

I am always looking for new activites to do with the boys.  Right now I am all about things we can do inside out of the gosh awful heat!  I saw this idea on Pinterest and knew my boys would love it.  It is so easy and uses things I always have on hand.  AND bonus, it keeps my boys busy for about 45 minutes (and would longer but they run out of the vinegar that quick)

 All you have to do is pour some baking soda into a container of some kind.  I may try just putting it into our art trays next time instead of in the pyrex.  Then you add some food coloring to some vinegar in seperate cups.  (we use our little bathroom cups and I allow the boys to choose 3 colors each)

Give each boy a medicine dropper and let the experimenting begin!  They love how it bubbles and makes "volcanoes!"  We also talk about the colors mixing and what colors are made.  


Tara said...

Fun! I'm going to remember this one!

Cyndi - YaYa said...