Friday, July 13, 2012

Everybody say moo

We celebrated Cow Appreciation Day again!  Ben was super excited about dressing up as a cow.  Zeke refused and told me "this is not fun for me".  Just shows how different our boys are.  In a fun twist, our friends the Coxes showed up and had dinner with us.  Jeremy, Shannon, and their boys live in Charlotte and were on their way to Rocky Mount so they stopped and surprised us for some free chicken!  It was a fun night and a great surprise

 Mom, you really are doing this?

 I mean, I know I can pull it off

 I look good in anything, right?

 Cox family

4 cows (yes Zeke refused to even be in the picture, if he is embarassed by us now, what will he be like at 13?!  We are in big trouble!)

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Cyndi - YaYa said...

bahahahaha... hahahahaha.. pahaahahaha.. oh my.. too funny.. I told my friends you'd be dressing the whole fam in cow garb!! LOL.. I bet Zeke enjoyed the chicken even if he didn't dress like one!