Sunday, July 15, 2012


This past month has been so fun!  Ellie has started laughing and cooing so much.  She is turning into quite the sleeper.  We have even had 3 12 hours nights!  Mama, likes this.  If only her big brother would catch on and do the same :-\  This isn't a doctor visit month, but we will be going to get a shot at the end of the month and will get her updated weight then.  I am going to guess she is about 17 pounds.  She has become quite the chatty girl and laughs out loud often.  Ellie learned to roll over from belly to back on July 4th at a cookout.  She hasn't done it again though :-\  Here are a TON of pictures from the month

I love this sweet dress and just want to remember it

She prefers to chew on pacis but I keep trying to get her to take one

These rolls multiply by the hour

I feel so bad for her, she gets dragged around everywhere her brothers want to go.  In order to help with the heat at the pool, park or even just our house I have a little fan for her

She likes nakey time

Isn't this the sweetest bracelet

We love the jammies that our friend Ashley got her

She quickly figured out the jumper and loves it.  

Zeke is still pretty interested in her and enjoys holding her (but isn't the one to suggest it usually)

This bathtub must be shrinking!

Zeke prefers to read or sing to her

Ben loves holding her, even though she weighs about half of him

5 month laundry basket pic

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precious precious baby!