Monday, August 8, 2011

Three Year Old Zeke

Ezekiel, I can not believe that you are three years old. We have been talking about you turning 3 for a few weeks. Today you announced that you are a big boy. There were a few things you told us you couldn't do because you were too big. We celebrated with a party Saturday (more pictures to come) and then we have celebrated all.day.long today.

Here are some fun things about your right now;

  • You are growing like crazy. You mostly wear 3T clothes.

  • You aren't napping so much anymore, probably 3 days a week. I am very sad about this

  • You say the funniest things. Your 3 year old logic is hilarious.

  • You can be so sweet to Ben, but at times you just pin him down and make him scream. I guess this is just part of being a big brother.

  • You engage in conversations with us now. You rationalize and really try to process what we are talking about.

  • You try to teach Ben everything you know. You are constantly asking him if he can say something or knows something.

  • You love learning about the Bible.

  • You still love books and read all day long. I love how you have started to "read" to me

  • Anything Cars is a fave. Your presents were almost all in that theme.

  • You have become pretty defiant recently, which has not been so fun for mom and dad. We know it is just a part of you figuring things out, but we also know we can't let that sin stay rooted in your heart

  • You aren't quite as self-centered. You seem to be more aware of people you interact with. This isn't to say that you are 100%, but you are definitely getting there.

And just for some laughs:

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ImaYaYa said...

he's such a smart young man.. can't call him a baby any longer.. he told me he's a big boy.. but ben's still a baby so he can do baby things.. LOL.. what a card.. his logic is so Spencer...