Sunday, August 7, 2011

What Ben has in common with 22's

OK, so nothing really except that he is 22 months old! Benjamin has really seemed to turn a corner to being a big boy this month. It has been very interesting watching his personality, physical and verbal skills EXPLODE this month. I am going off my normal pattern for this month to tell about Ben just because I needed to shake things up.

  • Ben has become so inquisitive. He constantly asks questions and wants to know what's going on. He asks me what song is on, the color of things, what Zeke is doing, etc. All day.

  • He is also hilarious! His laugh is infectious. He is a wild man and so much fun everyday.

  • Benjamin is adventurous. He definitely comes up with the ideas for all the trouble he and Zeke get into. He was the one who first jumped off the otoman, he asks to run outside and play in the rain, he climbs up onto the counters.

  • He loves being outside. This has been so tough with the heat. We have been outside at 7:30 to try to get in our fresh air and vitamin D.

  • He is a rascal! He is so michevious. He gets the cutest little look on his face when he is doing something.

  • On the flip side of this, he is so defiant sometimes! He can throw a tantrum like I have never seen and boy have I seen some.

  • He is such a deep feeler and expresser of his emotions. When he is mad it is tantrum city, but when he is happy he is so pleasant and cheerful. He has definite highs and lows and lets it be known what is going on.

  • Ben is way independent. He says everything "I do it myself" He now climbs up into our big chairs with out assistance. He tries to climb into the car and up into his carseat. It is so great in some ways, but in others he drives me NUTS!

  • He loves going potty. We sit at least once a day. He hasn't had any success yet, but I am just happy that he is interested at all.

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ImaYaYa said...

hmm... I have NO clue where he gets his independance from.. hahaha
Love that kid!