Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Zeke's Book Party

For Zeke's birthday this year, we decided to do a book theme. He LOVES books so much. I thought about seeing if the library would let us have it there and quickly rethought that one. We let Zeke invite 3 friends because he is 3 years old (thanks for the idea Morgan!) Zeke invited Holt, Evan, and Brayden. We of course had our family come as well. Spence's side was able to all make it, but my side was struck down with a bug and none were able to make it (trust me, they have made up for that exponentially). We really enjoyed watching Zeke interact with his friends and also present opening was a bit different this time. It was the first time both of our boys have really understood what was going on. We will just say that Ben made things interesting...

Zeke's homemade book cake

(this was round two, my first attempt got to be eaten the night before with Uncle Matt and Aunt Tori)

The kids painted book bags to take to the library with them

My boys were done in about 25 seconds, but these three had to be drug from the table

Not a great pic, but this is Evan. Evan likes to help open presents. He was so sweet about it and Zeke actually was really nice in telling him no he didn't need any help :)

We love creative gift wrap and cards

Here is the gift thief, trying out Zeke's new chair

All the boys enjoyed trying out the new toys and books

The Shelton Four

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ImaYaYa said...

Happy, Happy Birthday buddy.. YaYa is sorry we missed your party!!