Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How boys play

Boys just play differently. I am reminded of this anytime we hang out with friends who have girls. Actually I am reminded of this all.day.long when they are trying to tackle me or wrestle me or just use me as a jungle gym.

This may look like a normal horsey game, but it is really Spence about to do push ups with Ben on his back

Zeke joined in on the fun... he decided daddy's head was the best spot to sit

Boys trying to get the best seat in the house

Ben's version of pushups... I personally like them better

Poor Spencer after their playtime

1 comment:

ImaYaYa said...

Bahahah.. Bahahahah... Bahahaha... okay, breath Cyndi, breath.. bahahah.. bahahah.. oh.. sorry..
Love the expression on Spencer's face.. and I LOVE those boys!