Monday, September 24, 2012

Blue Zone

 We were generously gifted tickets to the September 22 UNC vs ECU game.  We were not just gifted any ol tickets.  We were given a parking pass and Blue Zone tickets.  For those of you (like me before this) that don't know, Blue Zone is a special seating area in one of the end zones.  It has free food and drinks, nice cushy seats, clean bathrooms, and best of all an indoor area that is AIR CONDITIONED!  Let it be said, that I was spoiled and will not be attending games with all our children unless this is how we roll.  In all seriousness, this is the only reason we were able to make it about half way through the 3rd quarter with out any meltdowns.  (the boys skipped naps so we knew we had limited time for fun).  The boys had a blast and continue to talk about it.  Ellie, well, she drew the attention of Heel and Pirate fans alike because she was so flipping cute. 

Gearing up for the game

Ready to cheer on a win

Getting our tickets punched

Getting our lanyards

Showing off their cool lanyard and tickets

First stop:SNACKS

Quick get a family picture while no one is crying!

Zeke loved any kicking, and especially liked when they rose the net for field goals

Ben was very concerned with the "sneaky pirate"-
The mascot (who was quite the sketchy dancer) was right below us

Get her some pearls and she is set!

Check out these baby blues

First Family of Five Football game- Say that 5x fast :)