Wednesday, September 5, 2012

School Days

My boys are in school.  My boys are in school.  My boys are in school! I can not believe that this is happening.  Zeke is going four days a week and Ben is going two days.  So weird!  Ellie and I are looking forward to having some girl quality time.  But man am I going to miss those boys.  I know Ben is going to have some serious adjustment to not having Zeke around.  I know Zeke is going to have some real transitioning to not being with mama all the time.  And me, well, I have so many thoughts about this whole thing.  I am pro-not homeschool.  (meaning I really do not see me homeschooling my kids) But holy smokes people, leaving my boys with strangers, not being with them every moment, not supervising who they are hanging out with.  This is seriously hard stuff.  But I can do it.  I know I can.  (more posts coming on all this as I am processing it)

We made teacher bribes... I mean treats for the first day.

Zeke's first day

He was so excited to find his name on his desk

I wanted to just go and help him unpack his bag, it was so hard to let him do it all on his own!
Please, mamas, tell me I'm not alone here!

This smile is what made me know I could walk out the door

Ben started the next day, and was so very excited about going to PREschool (you gotta hear him say it)

The backpack is as big as him

I was shocked at how easily he went in, gave me my hug/kiss/noses and went on his way
This picture was taken while I was spying through the window. (totally that mom!  who is this woman?!)

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