Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pray for Ben/14 months update

Please be praying today for our appointment with the orthopaedic (or is it orthopedist? anyone?) We are going to Duke today at 1:00. We are hoping to get more info on whether he has progressive scoliosis or not. We are also hoping that maybe Duke can get us in for an MRI sooner that Wake Med.

Also, today marks Benjamin's 14th month! What a great way to celebrate, huh? Here are some really fun things he is doing right now:
*talking so much more- ball, elephant sound, meow, woof, ish (fish), eeeese (please), mah (more), dada, mama, buzzing for a bee, moo, NNNNACK (snack)
*squeals like a banshee- it's like a puppy that has found his voice (cute, yes. driving me a little crazy, yes)
*mischevious- (see picture above) also, he steals from Zeke every chance he gets, and RUNS as quickly as possible to escape (has MAJOR big brother envy)
*points to everything
*dances (video to come soon), it's especially cute in the car
*can point to his ears, eyes, nose, and belly (but only if he is in the mood)
*can squat to pick something off the floor and then stand back up
*LOVES to go outside
*getting really picky with eating, but has increased his liquids recently
*only real obsessions are his paci and eating (remember Zeke LOVED balls at this age? He doesn't really have something like that)
*wearing size 3 diapers, can wear some 12 month clothes (yay), but can still wear some 6 month shirts and most pants have to be 9 months or they fall right off
*he now has 6 teeth. Those three months of teething were actually for something. He has two on the front top and bottom and then surprised us by cutting his top molars next. Weird kid
*he puts his hands together when we pray
*does hand motions for tons of songs
*backs up to sit in your lap with a book - fave book right now is Goodnight Gorilla
*and as mentioned before, needs your prayers

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